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Everyone who appears in your life has a reason

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Everyone in your life has a reason .

People who like you give you warmth and courage.

The person you like has taught you love and self-reliance.

People you don't like teach you tolerance and respect.

People who don't like you make you introspect and grow.

No one appears in your life for no reason,

Everyone appears for a reason and is grateful.

Because you look down, so happy;

Because it is bearish, it is happy.

We are all passers-by in the heavens and the earth, and we ca n’t be masters of many things.

Such as the time of departure, such as scattered people.

There are three dots in the word "heart" , and none of them don't jump out; the more you want to hold fast, the faster you leave.

Everything follows the fate, the fate deep gathers, the fate shallow follows it.

In life, as much as you despise, you leave as much pain.


Everyone is afraid that they are not sober, and hope that they are as clear as a mirror.

Why should life be so sober?

To make porridge, three cents of rice and seven cents of water.

We must divide ourselves into three things and seven people.

Be serious with friends and be forgiving with seven points.

Three points of love and seven points of responsibility for the family.

Three points are needed to read the article, and seven points are required.

Drink until three minutes drunk and wake up at seven.

Three points ... seven points ... is just the weight of life.

I read a book, but read the world;

Tea is made, but life is learned;

Pouring is wine, but tasting is hard.

Life is like a one-way ticket with no return,

There is no rehearsal, every game is live.

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