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Floating sports assembly court basketball court-have you ever seen it?

Public number: Damei Donggang Source: Time: 2020-02-21 01:34:03

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At noon on April 3, as the last marking line of the basketball court was drawn out, the high-standard Letong Elementary School Cage Basketball Court in Donggang Town was completed and put into operation.

Entering the basketball court, the author found that the court was not covered with plastic! 油漆只要一干,就可立即投入使用!”,现场施负责人员说 " The basketball court is paved with the fourth-generation sports ground floor material that is increasingly popular in China-suspended sports assembled flooring; as long as the line paint is dry, it can be put into use immediately!" Said the person in charge at the site .


Suspension sports assembled floor is also called combined sports floor. It mainly uses modified PP (polypropylene) as raw material and can be widely used in various indoor and outdoor sports venues and entertainment, leisure and fitness venues. Compared with wooden boards, it is not only cheaper, but also features more operability, protection, and all-weather use, and it basically does not require subsequent maintenance costs.

It is understood that this cage basketball court is the first basketball court in the city to adopt suspended sports assembling floor construction. It is the same as Donggang Town Cultural Square and Donggang Letong Elementary School Cultural Square, both of which are high-standard venues for mass cultural and recreational activities in Donggang. . Next, Donggang Town will carry out greening and greening around the basketball court to create a more comfortable sports environment for the masses.

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