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Divorced, want a child or a house? This man's answer blows up the circle of friends

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都肿么了? Are young men now swollen?

I want a house without children

Think children can be reborn

And a house of 20 million

The house is so expensive!

Even if I have two sets,

But I do n’t want to give it!

Love children are so worthless

Let ’s not talk about this answer. What makes children think?

Let's start with the basics

You have a baby for your daughter-in-law

Try a pain level 12 during delivery

Alright alright alright


The women answered unanimously: To have children!

The house is no more valuable than the children


The greatest person in the world is a mother

The glory of motherhood is always the brightest in the most difficult times!

There is a short story: my brother's wife gave birth to a child, and the brother's family was so restless. After finally coming out, the whole family went around to see the children, caring whether they were boys or girls. Only the buddies came to his wife for the first time and said: Baby, it's hard. His wife burst into tears. This is love ...

Do you know how many layers to sew?

Answer: It 's eight floors! !!

Do you know what makes breast milk?

The answer is: Mom's blood! !!

Do you know how painful delivery is?

The answer is: the highest pain in the world; equivalent to fracture of twenty bones at the same time!

A dad told his son that it is conditional to hit his mother ... There is such a story, the mothers are very pleased after reading it, the fathers have issued a silence after reading, and the children have seen a lot of sensible ...

有一次已经读高中的儿子因为妈妈总是唠叨,不耐烦的顶撞了母亲,母亲气得半死。 The story goes like this: Once the son who was already in high school because his mother was always nagging, he bumped his mother impatiently, and the mother was half annoyed. That night, the father asked his son to go out for a walk. The two walked for a long time, and the father said that when they bumped into their mother, the following things were optional. Only after they were done did they have the right to bump!

1. Sudden vomiting after each meal for 3 consecutive months (nausea)

2. Nipples have been sucked into the skin for one month (feeding)

3. Belly stuffed with a basketball for 10 months (pregnancy)

4. Accept whip whip for 48 hours (to have children)

5. Do not drink ice water, coffee, tea for 10 months

6.5 months to sleep

7.10 months can not travel long distances, can not run and jump

8.10 months can not get sick, if really sick, can not take medicine

9. Give birth to pee and pee for one month after giving birth

10. Go to bed every two hours at night and wake up for 30 minutes a month.

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When he was about to enter the house, his father patted his son on the shoulder and said in a man-to-man tone: "Wait for me, when you go in!" The son was surprised that the dad spoke to him in his brother's tone, and Because of the kindness between man and man, he respected his mother ever since.

After reading this story, I thought of a high school classmate. He said, "I bumped my mother once, and my father took him off the chair, and reprimanded him: Your mother is the treasure I hold in my palm. I take care of her, take care of her, and speak softly to her. , Why are you shouting at him! My classmates don't dare to run against my mother anymore.

Who would have endured a lifetime of hard work in return for so many years? I'm afraid there's no one but parents. We usually complain that we do not have a good background, good parents, but we live in a material condition that is 100 times stronger than our parents. Why do n’t we work hard and become the pride of our parents?

You have to remember that you grew up drinking your mother's blood!

Let's use this relay to thank our parents and give them back!

Filial parents can't wait, let us be grateful.

I wish my mother a long and healthy life! !! !!

  .. .. ...........

My mother must live long. . .

I love my mom

Home is with mom! May the mothers in the world be healthy and longevity ..............

Mother love is like the sun, no matter how long it is, no matter where you go, you will feel her shine and warmth.

May my mother always be healthy!

下所有母亲健康、快乐! May all mothers in the world be healthy and happy!

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