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Minqi 丨 China-Meida Health Paint: Trust comes from quality technology to beautify life

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Fujian Youlux Coating Technology Co., Ltd.

Awarded the 2017 Fujian Excellent Brand Building Unit

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福马酒店外墙改造项目 Ulysses Coatings: Famar Hotel Exterior Wall Reconstruction Project

Fujian Youleshi Coating Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly: Fuzhou Zhongmeida Decoration Materials Co., Ltd.) is an integrated coating R & D, production and sales company, mainly engaged in waterproof coatings, interior and exterior wall coatings, texture coatings, auxiliary materials, colorful imitation stone paint Series, water paint series, etc., with good reputation and excellent service, have established long-term strategic partnerships with internationally renowned brands such as BASF, Bayer, Komaki, DuPont, Rohm and Haas.

The company has advanced equipment and a sound management system, and advocates "let products speak and prove with facts". The company's production and construction department strives to produce high-quality high-end exterior wall coatings with high strength, super weather resistance, three-dimensional sense, color, ease of construction, and no color difference at the fastest speed and highest standard quality.

In order to inspire spirit and boost morale, company leaders often go deep into the construction site, control production rhythms, solve unexpected problems in a timely manner, and condolences to hard-working front-line employees, encourage everyone to work together and work hard to win difficult tasks.

Enterprise honor

The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and has won honorary titles such as China's famous brand products, well-known trademarks in Fujian Province, and well-known trademarks in Fuzhou City.

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环境”的理念,奉行“ 实事求是、合理收费 ”的服务宗旨,以创新追求、精益求精的专业精神;卓越的品质、超值的服务,满足客户全方位的需求,为客户提升美好价值。 The company always adheres to the concept of "respect for customers, society, and the environment", pursues the service tenet of " seeking truth from facts and reasonable fees ", and pursues the professional spirit of innovation and excellence; excellent quality and value-added services to meet customers' comprehensive Demand to enhance the beautiful value for customers.

Based on the indefinite expectation of the bright tomorrow of the Chinese coatings market, the company will continue to follow the strategic principle of "capital + brand + culture" and formulate the development goal of "creating a new benchmark for exterior wall decoration", through capital operation, brand building and cultural communication , Complete the transformation from excellence to excellence, strengthen the foundation of the enterprise, and better serve the community.


"China Meida tells you what is colorful stone-like paint "

Zhongmeida colorful stone-like paint is a special colorful paint made of high weather-resistant acrylic resin combined with aggregate and pure imported additives. It has highly variable design characteristics for the appearance of buildings.

product manual:

1. From base coat to top coat are water-based paint combinations, which fully meet environmental protection requirements. Water-based colorful main material, breaking through the limitations of oil-based colorful coatings. A single can contain a combination of more than 10 different colors, and can produce a large color block granite fired surface texture. 2, with acid and alkali resistance, waterproof and heat resistance; high abrasion resistance, scrub resistance, and high resistance to extended buckling; UV resistance, no peeling, no color change, no aging, strong adhesion; super weather resistance Features, the service life of more than 15 years, is a long-acting exterior wall coating. 3. The special high self-cleaning characteristics make the painted surface as new as ever, and have strong anti-pollution ability. Even if it is polluted, it can be easily removed by water-based cleaners, which can solve the troubles that the external wall coating is easily dirty and old. Features:

A. The color is bright and lasting, the property is superior, the weather resistance is strong, the durability is strong, the stain resistance is strong, the alkali resistance is strong, and the adhesion is good.

B. It is not limited by the shape of the base surface, and can be painted freely with the shape of the building.

C. With the shape of the building, it can show a high sense of value, and at the same time it has the delicate feeling of stone. It is one of the ideal materials for various middle and high-end decoration places.

D. Fully water-based: The unique wrapping technology makes it completely water-based, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and replaces increasingly scarce natural granite stone, which meets the national requirements for energy conservation and environmental protection.

E. Authenticity: The coating is uneven, with millions of colors; the pattern can be large or small, and the colors can be superimposed on each other. They can imitate nature, and they are better than nature.

F. The decorative effect is peculiar: Through different grid design, the combination of modern ideas and traditional natural styles, it creates a luxurious and solemn decorative effect at a lower cost.

① Crack resistance: It has good ductility and can cover small cracks on the wall.

②, high weather resistance: scrub resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, acid rain resistance, waterproof, mildew resistance, good self-cleaning.

③, fast construction: using a professional spray gun, one time molding, short construction period.

④ High cost performance: Compared with natural granite, the cost is only about 35-45%.

⑤ Lightweight materials: Whether it is to greatly reduce the burden on the wall than natural granite or real stone paint, it is in line with the development direction.

Applicable substrate:

Suitable for concrete wall surface, cement mortar surface, special board, plywood, pc board, ACC board, asbestos board, wood board, metal board, ERP and other base surfaces (various base surfaces) have different treatment methods.

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