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Shirt wear rules

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Every big fashion coffee is controlled by details, making good use of plugging corners, tying belts, pulling up trousers, exposing ankles, knotting clothes, matching skirts, etc. are all common matching tips.

Why is the corner of the clothes so fashionable and beautiful?

Stuff all in

Suitable for: Lightweight tops

Plug half

Scope of application: shirts with buttons


Scope of application: Lightweight or short-length clothes

Plug side

Applicable range: thicker tops

With wide-leg pants

With skirt

Shirt + pleated skirt


Long skirt + shirt

Pencil skirt + shirt

Skirt + shirt

Long shirt with A-line skirt, unbuttoned part of the skirt to reveal the shirt hem, cool and very age-reducing.

Shirt + split skirt

Shirt + camisole

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