vip.hg9787.com The 2015 class exchange meeting of honorary head teachers of public service management class was successfully held

The 2015 class exchange meeting of honorary head teachers of public service management class was successfully held

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On the afternoon of Monday, March 27, 2017, Chengdu ushered in a bright spring light and a blue sky. The 2015 public service management class held an honorary class teacher exchange meeting. Professor Wu Min, the honorary class director, and 2015 public service management classmates conducted in-depth exchanges on the lawn outside the library of Jiang'an Campus.

2015级同学和吴敏教授在树阴下聊天 2015 classmates chat with Professor Wu Min under the shade of trees

First, the students asked questions about graduate examinations and interviews. Professor Wu Min answered the subjects and considerations of the postgraduate entrance examination in detail, emphasized many mistakes made by students during the postgraduate entrance examination, and mentioned the process of graduate interview. Students have a deeper understanding of the process of postgraduate entrance examination. Secondly, the teacher guided the students to take a more comprehensive view of the relationship between work and postgraduate study. The teacher believed that it is important to obtain an MBA and MPA degree certificate after work. At the same time, work hard to improve your ability. Afterwards, the teacher emphasized the time allocation of the first major and the second major, so as to make a reasonable balance and be clear about the priorities. In the end, the teacher wishes us to go further in the next study life.

△ Prof. Wu Min answered the questions of classmates

With the warm communication between teachers and students, the atmosphere became more and more active. Everyone began to tell the teacher about the interesting things in studying and living in Jiang'an Campus, the black swan in Mingyuan Lake, the glass in the study room, and the entrepreneurial street became the hot topics of discussion. After packing up the venue, everyone invited Professor Wu Min to take a group photo together, and ended the event with laughter and Professor Wu Min's blessing.

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△ Professor Wu Min took a group photo with his classmates

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