hg.99691.com [2017 Wuling Guanhuahuan Mountain Bike Cross Country Race held in our county]

[2017 Wuling Guanhuahuan Mountain Bike Cross Country Race held in our county]

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2017 Wuling Guanhuan Mountain Cycling Race

Held in Hanzhongyang County

On March 25, the 2017 Wuling Guanhuahuan Mountain Cross Country Race was held in Hanzhong Yang County.

The competition was organized by Hanzhong Sports Bureau and the People's Government of Yangxian County. It attracted 228 professional athletes and some amateur bicycle enthusiasts from Henan, Hunan, Hunan and other provinces.

After more than an hour of intense competition, Nanzheng Cycling Association, Yangxian UCC Club, and Shaanxi Lexing Team won the top three in the group. Yang Qihang and Gan Tingqin of Nanzheng Cycling Association won the men's and women's individual championships.

The Wuling Guanhuahuan Line is 32 kilometers in length, and it is the flower viewing route carefully crafted in the main venue of Yangxian County, the most beautiful rapeseed sea and Hanzhong tourism culture festival in China in 2017. If you are in it, you can change the scenery step by step, just like riding in the mountains and rivers, and the sea of flowers, the scenery is beautiful.  

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