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Meng Meng line, long ambition short size ~~

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Black and white zombie movie

There is a word in this world called:

Mysterious confidence

There is another illusion in this world called:

I can

Leap over all obstacles

I thought I could

All the woes are paper tigers in front of me

Oops, the landing failed

123, prepare, jump

Blame this heavy snow, which affected my performance

Opposite friends

I'm coming

Well prepared

But the result has not changed

My buddies went up

No reason i can't go up

Run into a wall? It was just an accident! accident

It's beautiful

It ’s just that the ending is a bit unexpected

Someone must have pulled me down below

Let mom show you a demonstration

What is jumping

Uh, did you think nothing happened?

A little crossbar

Stop thinking of stopping me

I have a sore chin

So handsome a leap ...

Hey, the ambition is too long, the size is too short

Nothing can stop

My yearning for freedom

Oops, the jailbreak failed

Challenge impossible

I can

Short legs can never stop my pace

Okay it can

Can't I make a snack?

Bastard, give me a snack

Strong with weakness, big with small strokes

I can do it

Don't look at me growing small

Can also conquer the stairs

Strange, what just happened

Do not open the door

I vow

The tear of crocodile

Don't step over this step

I vow


Forget it

The size is splintered

Don't climb into the car

I vow

Not getting the ball

I vow

Hey, why does this ball run so far?

It was just a coincidence that I lost this time

By no means because of my short legs

Isn't it just a cardboard box?

Let me show you in minutes


Size matters

But more important is courage

So beyond "I can"

Another illusion is called:

I'm not afraid

I'm not scared

It's just that my corner accidentally dropped

I was not scared

Just suddenly sleepy and want to sleep

I was not scared

Just suddenly feel hungry

I was not scared

I just feel a bit hot, I want to cool down

I was not scared

I suddenly wanted to walk

I was not scared

I just want to show you my jumping ability

I was not scared

I just want to take a trip


and so

Don't be afraid

you can

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