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[Zhiyuan Buick] "Workaholic", also miss home

Public number: Dongguan Zhicheng Zhiyuan Buick Source: Time: 2020-02-21 01:33:20

Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Huashan Xianmen

She can melt people into the landscape without leaving a trace,

This mountain, water, and people are turned into history.

Her work can answer the following questions:

How dazzling can traditional Chinese culture be?

How shocking is the depth of history?

She is, Wang Chaoge

Wang Chaoge is a woman who exists like an illustration of folk culture. As the chief director and screenwriter of the Impression series, her job is to add soul to the real scenery performances, making the audience feel like walking through dreams. She travels all year round, showing people in a vigorous, never-exhaustive image, and describes Wang Chaoge in a simple and lively way, called: a workaholic.

Impression series is the co-creation of God and man. God is in charge of the real scenery, and Wang Chaoge is in charge of the person. The UNWTO commented on Wang Chaoge's work: It's worth flying from anywhere on the planet. Such a high evaluation makes people curious, what exactly did Wang Chaoge add, and how long did it take to make a play have a soul?

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At Tian Zaiyuan, the lotus stands like a sea at four o'clock. For Lin and rain, all the branches of Yang Zhi are spring. It is the feeling Wang Chaoge hopes to inject into "Impression Putuo". With a shocking blessing ceremony, the audience “immersed and experienced” naturally endlessly. Wang Chaoge's time unit devoted to him is: year.

Wang Chaoge said, "I want to be perfect, and I won't spare myself." She pursues the ultimate with the heart of crossing people, does not let go of any shortcomings, does not tolerate a little regret, and does not despise the slightest flaw. Year after year, when more than a dozen impression series were presented in the cultural coordinates of all parts of China, Wang Chaoge reminded the guy named years that she is a person she cannot ignore.

Fair Doctor

Wang Chaoge's home was engraved with the words "Dong Ge Fu Di", which made people envy the happiness and happiness between husband and wife. Mr. Xu Dong commented on Wang Chaoge: He is a collector of men's ideas. And the "big woman" immersed in her career is nothing more than a grandmother in the hands of her husband, and her husband is a Buddha in her eyes. He can appreciate her wisdom, can tolerate her sharpness, and can inspire her.

They have lived together since their parents retired. If Wang Chaoge went out to film for a long time, they followed her and went there. When the family was there, they traveled with a GL8. Nostalgic for home, always remind her not to forget her original intention when she came. The taste of home leads her to the ideal life. Wang Chaoge said, "What is home? Home is the person you remember, and you are also thinking about you."

In Wang Chaoge's world, there is no conflict between work and family, and she never thinks that women's families will miss out because of work.

Artists treat life artistically. Wang Chaoge has the ability to work, also to coordinate work and life completely, and to be able to live a harmonious life. This is art.

She said: "Women must understand themselves, and women who are dedicated to work are the most beautiful."

"I'm just a big child in the eyes of my family, and I can get their appreciation no matter what I do," she said.

She is the owner of the GL8 Avenir

She is, Wang Chaoge

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