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Book House · Beautiful scenery in April, the ancients taught you such a "kite fighting"

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▲ Kite flying in the wilderness

如今正是一个风筝飞满天的季节。 "After February 2nd, it is March 3rd, and the wind is swaying the field, kites fly all over the sky ..." Now it is a season when kites fly all over the sky. Spring comes back to the earth, all things are revived, the Yingying grass grows long, and the warm spring is full of innocence. If you inadvertently raise your eyes, you can see that many kites are fighting in the spring.

Kite also known as paper magpie, mule, paper kite, etc., has a history of more than 2,000 years. In the Tang Dynasty, the kite gradually evolved into an entertainment toy from the original military tool for transmitting information. The sons and daughters of the aristocracy of the palace rushed to enjoy kite watching. The kite became an indispensable plaything for the court aristocracy.

In the late Tang Dynasty and the Five Dynasties, Hubu Lang Lixian once played kites in the palace. His kite added silk strings or bamboo flutes. When the kite was placed in the sky, the wind blows like a kite. the sound of. It is said that the paper kite is called "Kite", and it is from this time. In this regard, there is a record in "Enquiries on Records": kite, that is, paper kite, also known as kite. In the fifth dynasty, Li Zhi made paper kite in the palace, and took the lead to collect the wind. Later, the kite used bamboo as the flute, and the wind entered the flute pipe to make a pleasant sound.

可见这种带着鸣器的风筝能已能飞得很高远了,不见风筝影,只听得声音在云层里碧空中回荡。 The production and flying effect of kites were already at a high level in the Tang Dynasty. Jin Xianzong had a "Kite" poem saying: "Heart and few are too ancient, and the hand can easily enter the wind. The mountains and waters have nowhere to be found. The chaos is clear and the sky is clear . "It can be seen that this kind of kite with a horn can fly very far. No kite shadow is seen, only the sound echoes in the clouds in the blue sky.

Tang Cai, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, also recorded in "Paper kite": "On behalf of the children, there is fun at the end of the work. Decorated with plain paper to become birds, like a flying kite; The light gradually fades away, but the limit is limited, and the endlessness is infinite. The movement is in the palm of the hand, and the line is hidden in the palm ... "

Kite really became a mass entertainment in the Song Dynasty. At that time, the kite was not only a beautiful folk craft, but also a popular entertainment that people loved. 风筝不再只在宫廷大院中飞翔,风筝线也能被寻常百姓拽在手里,尽情娱乐了。 When describing the kite in "Beijing Bamboo Branches," said: "The wind kite is released by tens of thousands of people, and the twine is tied with bamboo poles. The world is peaceful and new, and the party learns the blue clouds." The kite no longer only flies in the palace courtyard, and the kite line also Can be dragged into the hands of ordinary people and enjoy themselves.

Especially around Qingming Festival, kite flying became a custom. No matter whether it is the court or the countryside, officials, squires, or ordinary people, day or night, there are people rushing to fly kites.

When flying a kite at night, people hang a series of colorful lanterns on the kite. When the kite flies into the night sky, it looks like a flickering colored star, and people call it a "magic lamp."

Some people will also write their own or family name on the kite, and then fly the kite into the sky, cut off the thread and let the kite fly away, pray for good luck, and let go of the "bad luck" to give yourself or your family good luck The purpose of "disaster relief is difficult". 。 This is an ancient custom in low-productivity and under-developed science and technology, and people do not have enough ability to resist disease or natural disasters.

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而紫鹃去捡断了线的无主风筝时,遭到探春的劝阻:“拾人走了的,也不嫌个忌讳?”什么忌讳? There is a description in "A Dream of Red Mansions", saying that Li Zhi advised Lin Daiyu: "It's the joy of flying a kite picture, so it's called letting go, you should put more and take the disease away." And Zijuan goes When picking up the unowned kite, he was discouraged by Tanchun: "It's not a taboo to pick someone up?" What taboo? Naturally, I am worried about picking up kites of others, and I am afraid that I will get dirty. It can be seen that kite flying in ancient times was a means for people to eliminate disasters. But at the same time, the entertaining nature of kites cannot be ignored. Ancient people flying kites and fighting kites had their own way.

这说的是放风筝的技巧。 There is a saying: "Master the eight skills, always win in your hand." This is the technique of flying a kite. The word "hand" has two meanings, one is to win the game with stability, and the other is to win by relying on the skill of the hand. What is "eight skills"? 。 Hook, peck, sweep, bounce, pull, lift, rub, file . Hooking is to rise suddenly and then stop; pecking is to suddenly fall and stop immediately; sweeping is to cross the line; bouncing is to suddenly lower the line with a hand to lift it; pulling to quickly close the line with your hand or even holding the threading tool— — "Che Lu" flew backwards, commonly known as "backlash"; mentioning is to lift "Che Lu" without putting the thread away; rubbing: putting the "Che Lu" hand on the thigh and rubbing it; filing , That is, the two hands clenched "car Lu" quickly swung back and forth.

The knife is not accidentally cut, and only after learning the "eight skills" can they always win the "kite fight". The "Kite Fighting" scene is as exciting as other competitions, and even more exciting. Because of the fun of flying a kite, I had to master the skills, and adults, children, men and women alike can play.

那样的场景,是会常引得路人光观的。 Xu Wenchang of the Ming Dynasty said in "Ten Windy Kite Maps": "I have also played a lot of fun, and now I am not as old as that. Then I can stay in Spring Horse and watch children disconnect." Will often attract passers-by. Two kites that are seven or eight miles away are chasing each other in the air. In the end, they are inextricably entangled with each other. Without entanglement, you can live forever. Sometimes, a game can last for several hours. When the clouds are falling, how can the cheers not be thundered and heard for miles?

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