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[ISTAR dress] Refuse to eat soil, one piece can make you beautiful in spring

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Sanjiacun night talk

Many girls live on the soil as soon as they change seasons

Saebyeol said that hin was distressed

Is it necessary to buy clothes in different seasons?

Of course I have to buy it (fall table)

For the warm and cold spring

Autumn and winter jackets will definitely make you transition to the end of spring

So at this time, a versatile inward ride

Became the secret to refusing to eat soil.

If you want to say how to wear the season, look at the airport queen Yang Mi ~

Yang Mi with many big-name explosions

When the season changes, but only love a civilian item?

Repeatedly used it to match with countless headlines ~

That's right!

From civilians to almost a black undershirt

Became a treasure of great power

Do n’t you feel like you have “Yang Mi”?

Single wear

The undershirt that you can wear unbridled alone is the black undershirt.

,超简单的搭配但超级有范儿~娇小的女生搭配高跟短靴可以穿出两米长的美腿~ Half-high collar style + wide-leg jeans , super easy to match but super versatile ~ petite girls with high-heeled short boots can wear two meters long beautiful legs

,繁复的不规则半身裙让一身黑的装扮不会显得单调乏味。 Round neck bottoming shirt + irregular skirts , complicated irregular skirts make a black dress will not look tedious.

,小皮裙的搭配为整体更添一丝不羁。 High-neck style + high-waist leather skirt , small leather skirts add a touch of uninhibited. Simple and fashionable, perfect for novices ~

,如果你有霉霉一样的好身材,一身修身着装,干练又高挑,也能赚足回头率~ High-necked style + high-waisted calf pants , if you have a good figure like mold, wear a slim fit, capable and tall, you can also earn enough return

Star Alliance Star Recommendation

Su style

Pure black turtleneck base sweater


Half-paneled large A skirt leather skirt

Miss No.5

New personality skirt with piece stitching hakama

Su style

Fashion split line design PU bag hip skirt

With jacket

The simple and easy-to-match black bottoming shirt definitely matches the inner king ~

The uncontrollable blue and white coat, the big power is easily held by a black inside, and the black high-necked bottoming shirt is as white as snow ~

,显高显瘦,不知道怎么搭配皮裤的女生可以get咯~ With high-waisted denim jacket and leather pants , it is significantly taller and thinner, girls who do n’t know how to match leather pants can get it ~

If you still worry about how to put it in the pilot jacket? ,帅到没朋友~ gigi's black clothes and black pants + silhouette bomber jacket , handsome to no friends ~

Extreme Deranged V3.1

The most chic little suit in early spring is also a good hand with a black bottoming shirt ~

Half-high collar + plaid suit, retro and sophisticated, mix and match leather pants ~

最是没毛病~ The bright color small suit + black inside is the best thing ~

,刚柔并济,有型~ Tough leather jacket + soft bottoming shirt , firm and flexible, stylish ~

Star Alliance Star Recommendation

Su style

Sunlight personality lapel woolen trench coat

Cass Gai

Custom Loose Denim Shirt

Su style

Striped blazer

Cass Gai

Loose Space Cotton Sweatshirt


As the most self-cultivation, it is a waste to not use it for stacking ~

的浮夸感。 Stacking a black base shirt can perfectly eliminate the exaggeration of printed shirt + printed cardigan .

Black + red + black, superimposed with a black inner ride not only eliminates the sudden sense of red + black, but also looks full of vitality ~

打造美式复古风~ Stacking denim shirts (coats) to create American retro style ~

的经典搭配更有能穿出高街感~ But compared to the superposition with the flower shirt, the classic mix of white shirt + black bottoming shirt is more able to wear a high street sense ~

These two civilian items have a "very expensive" feeling when they are stacked on top of each other.

而且还不难看! The magic of the black bottoming shirt is that it can fill the missing sense of the neckline and it is not ugly!

It's a bit cold to wear a sweater in early spring, and a black turtleneck bottoming shirt is stacked, fashionable and layered ~

Star Alliance Star Recommendation

Su style

Cute Puff Sleeve Vintage Court Long Sleeve Shirt

Miss No.5

Individual front short and long back split sweater

Cass Gai

Fashion embroidered blue printed denim shirt

Cass Gai

Long line stitching knitted cardigan

So one piece can be held for one spring, do you still need to eat soil?

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