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How much is Daming Tongbao worth now? How can I sell Daming Tongbao?

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大明通宝背户钱 I. Daming Tongbao carry money Daming Tongbao carries most of its money from eastern Zhejiang and Shaoxing. 3.5 4.8 克,与天启、崇祯朝江浙一带铸钱风格如出一辙,应为鲁王所铸。 The money is lighter than the back and handsome money, the word is shallow, and most of the weight is 3.5-4.8 grams. It is exactly the same as the coin style of Tianqi, Chongzhen and Jiangsu and Zhejiang.

1645 10 月隆武政权得知在浙江的鲁王朝廷后,南明史上最痛心的事发生了,两个政权相互倾轧,内耗不断。 King Lu and the Longwu court did not know each other's existence. In October 1645 , the Longwu regime learned that after the Lu court in Zhejiang, the most sad thing in the history of Nanming happened. 7 月,清军渡钱塘江攻打浙东、福建南明政权,张国维兵败身死,鲁王由台州逃至舟山群岛。 In July 1646 , the Qing Army crossed the Qiantang River and attacked the regimes of East Zhejiang and Fujian Nanming. Zhang Guowei was killed and King Lu fled from Taizhou to the Zhoushan Islands. 10 月,清军攻陷舟山城,鲁王由张名振等护卫流亡海上。 In October 1651 , the Qing army captured Zhoushan City, and King Lu was exiled by the escorts such as Zhang Mingzhen. 年至厦门依附郑成功, 1653 年初鲁王放弃监国称号,鲁王政权至此不复存在。 From 1652 to Xiamen, Zheng Chenggong was affiliated with Xiamen. At the beginning of 1653 , King Lu gave up the title of supervising the state, and the power of King Lu ceased to exist. 12 月,鲁王病死于金门。 In December 1662 , King Lu died of illness in Kinmen.

1645 12 月至 1651 10 月舟山失陷前所铸。 Daming Tongbao's back-of-house money should be made by the regime of King Lu from December 1645 to October 1651 before the fall of Zhoushan.

Mingtong Baoguang back Transaction price: RMB1,000,000 --- Transaction date: 2011-05-17

Daming Tongbao · Guangbei -------- Transaction price: RMB1,370,000 --- Transaction date: 2012-04-19

"Daming Tongbao" Xiaoping light back --- Transaction price: RMB1,680,000 --- Transaction date: 2013-05-17

The Northern Song Dynasty folded the two samples "Daming Tongbao" --- the transaction price: RMB1,058,000 --- the transaction date: 2012-11-26

The Northern Song Dynasty's Ming Dynasty Treasure Book Bifolds ------- Transaction price: RMB1,558,240 --- Transaction date: 2010-05-10

Daming Tongbao ----------- Transaction price: RMB1,120,000 --- Transaction date: 2011-07-17

"Daming Tongbao" back "handsome" II at the end of Ming Dynasty --- Transaction price: RMB1,220,000 --- Transaction date: 2013-05-18

Daming Tongbao ----------- Transaction price: RMB1,320,000 --- Transaction date: 2011-07-17

Ming · Daming Tongbao Set of 2 pieces ----- Transaction Price: RMB1,563,450 --- Transaction Date: 2014-05-06

Two bright backs of "Daming Tongbao" at the end of Ming Dynasty --- Transaction price: RMB1,562,736 --- Transaction date: 2013-12-12


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