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Brother teaches you to play basketball series 3v3 referee host commentary recruitment

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Hey guy!

Brother is coming today is a little bit troublesome everyone!

If you look like Pan An, you are as beautiful as Shih Tzu;

If you are sharp-edged, you can't stop talking;

If you are lively and active, love to be in the limelight;


it's time!

Now recruit 4 moderators !

As the saying goes, men and women match, not tired from work

We need two handsome little brothers

Two beautiful young ladies

Introducing Campus Basketball Tournament

And explain the rules and venue of the game

At the same time, it must drive the mood of the stadium

Take us high! !! !!

(Of course you need to have some understanding of basketball)

If you don't look like this


That's not the case

It's ok! !! !!

As long as you are sharp

Have some knowledge of basketball

Come and sign up for a commentator !

Live commentary on the game


Let people who do n’t know basketball participate

Interact with classmates on the sidelines

Drive the enthusiasm of side students


Pick up your whistle

To defend the rules of the basketball court

Recruit referees ! !! !!

Unlimited number

Require a good understanding of the rules

And make every judgment fair and just


Volunteer duration + punch times! !! !!

Sign up now! !! !!

Recruit 4 host of campus street basketball competition

Several commentators

Unlimited referees

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Graphic / College Sports Department Bao Yujun

Editor / School Student Union News Center Gao Mengru

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