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Through train promotion experience and coup

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  It's really difficult to master the operation skills, but some of them are not difficult to operate as long as you remember them. Today we will discuss the techniques of the through train. 的产品图片上加上适当的水印,写上你店铺正在做的活动等等促销信息.这样你的宝贝会更加吸引人们去点击哦,但是不要喧宾夺主把产品图片遮住了 2、记得在推广的时候一定要编辑推广内容管理这是编辑吸引人的标题知道么?很重要哈,这是吸引进来的一个招牌,所以一定要好好编辑 3、所有参加推广的宝贝必须要仔细填写宝贝属性那里的内容,因为要涉及到类目的推广,据统计类目搜索的顾客是关键词搜索的一半,所以类目属性一定要好好填写。 1. First of all, you must determine the products you want to promote. Do not make too many unless you are a super seller, generally 3-5 models, no more than 10 models. Be sure to pay attention, do not use direct sales without sales, otherwise you Just wait for the money to burn. The product images to be promoted must be exquisite. At the same time, it is recommended to add appropriate watermarks on the product images and write promotional activities such as what your store is doing. This way your baby will be more attractive to people. Go and click, but do n’t overtake the product picture. 2. Remember to edit the promotional content management when you promote it. Is this an attractive title for editing? Is it important? This is a signboard that attracts you in, so be sure To edit well 3. All the babies participating in the promotion must carefully fill in the contents of the baby attribute, because to involve the promotion of the category, the customers searching according to the statistical category are half of the keyword search, so the category attribute must be good fill in. 4、直通车升级后关键词排名规则已经发生重大变化,不再是按出价的高低作为唯一的标准,而且还涉及到关键词的质量得分,所以关键词很重要,怎么办? a、首先下载小二每周更新的关键词热表备用,不要告诉我还不知道哦!不知道的跟帖我告诉你。 How to fill in? It ’s best to fill in different attributes for the products you promote. Otherwise, the babies you promote will “fight” each other when searching for attributes! Category promotion must be done, and category bids must be set. After the upgrade of the through train, the keyword ranking rules have undergone major changes. It is no longer the only criterion for bidding, and it also involves the quality score of the keywords. Therefore, keywords are important. What should I do? The keyword hot list updated every week is spare, don't tell me that I don't know yet! I'll tell you if you don't know. b、再说小二推荐的top热词的运用,下载回来后你找到属于你那个类目下面的关键词热词,然后再找到和你宝贝相关性比较高的而且搜索量大的词,把这些词评价分配到你推广的所有宝贝中,明白了吗?因为这些词是精品中的精品,会提示很高的点击量的!c、关键词的优化,对于没有点击量和点击量的,质量得分偏低的就删掉,质量得分稍高的可以稍微提高出价。 For example, if you push 5 babies, first choose the system recommendation, because the relevance is higher here, and the quality score is higher. When choosing keywords, you should also pay attention to the category, which is when you fill in the attributes of the baby category. What are the candidates for the time, and you should also take care when choosing keywords! Try to have at least 200 keywords, and those with high quality scores can increase their bids appropriately to increase the number of visits! Use of hot words. After downloading them, you can find the hot words of keywords under your category, and then find the words that are more relevant to your baby and have a larger search volume. Assign these word reviews to all of your promotion Baby, do you understand? Because these words are boutiques in boutiques, they will prompt a high number of clicks! C. Optimization of keywords. For those without clicks and clicks, those with low quality scores will be deleted. A slightly higher Quality Score can increase your bid slightly. Make regular adjustments to keywords. d. How to avoid duplicate keywords in through trains. You can put all keywords of the promoted products in an excel table. Excel has a filtering function. You can delete the duplicates and then put them into the promoted products. inside. 我也在做淘宝,做直通车已经好多年了,不断的学习和测试,在加上在优升平台刷直通车点击和刷单,效果很不错,一个月全店宝贝能卖上万件,重点来了,注意的技巧几点: 1:推一到三个产品,不能太多。 e. At the same time, please pay attention to participate in the through train activities. There are many such posts in the community on this content. I am also doing Taobao. I have been doing through trains for many years. Continuous learning and testing. Brush through train clicks and orders, the effect is very good, the whole store can sell tens of thousands of babies in a month, the key point comes, pay attention to a few points: 1: push one to three products, not too much. 2: Set more keywords, set 200, the price can be lower, the price is too high, and the money will soon be gone. After a few days, observe the click rate of each word and the degree of relevance to the product. No clicks. Delete words, replace words, words with a high click-through rate, and see how much it is related to the product. If it is not relevant, reduce the price appropriately. Repeat this process to optimize your keywords. 3: Product pictures are very important and must be done well. 4: Choose the best-selling product. Driving through trains is not just a daily word selection and price adjustment. It is more important to understand the overall idea and goal of driving. First understand the function of through trains and what it can do for you. Then you can adjust the direction purposefully to get through trains. The car is ready. ... In Taobao, I'm always busy, running, never stopping, for fear of being overtaken by others. 直通车的基础还是要从选词说起,选好词才是关键!没办法直通车翻过来倒过去就这些东西,简单的事情重复做,基础的东西反复摸索,对,学好开车就是这么开始的,那么下面六爷就先和大家再说说选词的那点事! 一、选词途径 1、系统推荐词 通过系统推荐关键词来选词可以说是最简单也最方便的一种方法,这些系统推荐的关键词需要进行挑选排除以及组合搭配,然后再拿来用,大家可以根据系统推荐的关键词的相关性、市场平均出价以及展现量点击率等指标来进行关键词的挑选。 Driving a through train is just like racing a car. When one does not pay attention and is slack, someone is thrown behind the butt and eats ashes! It ’s useless to be very careful! The foundation is not ready. The basic method of word selection to optimize and raise words and weights! The basis of through trains still needs to start with the choice of words, and the choice of words is the key! There is no way to go through trains and turn over these things. Simple things are repeated. Basic Things are repeatedly explored, yes, learning how to drive is how it started, then the following six masters will talk to you about the word selection first! I. Word selection method 1. System recommended words System recommended keywords to select words can be said It is the simplest and most convenient method. The keywords recommended by these systems need to be selected, excluded, combined, and then used again. You can click on the relevance of the keywords recommended by the system, the average market bid, and the number of impressions. Rate and other indicators to select keywords. Make selection of relevant keywords by referring to indicators such as relevance, impressions, click-through rates, etc. In addition, these recent hot search words, soaring words, etc. can also be used as a reference for your choice of words. Do not add them blindly. Comprehensive analysis is required. Add it again. 直通车后台流量解析,也是你也是不错之选,相关词的搜索展现情况,一搜便知,下载下来好好研究组合,这个途径还是不错的。 2. Analysis of the background traffic analysis of the through train. The analysis of the background traffic of the through train is also a good choice for you. The search and display of related words will be known at a glance. Download and study the combination. This approach is still good. 关键词的组合是非常不错的选词途径,这种方式匹配的关键词,相关度高,转化率好,但是有不少买家忽略了这个途径,其实通过自己组合的关键词能够保障直通车初期的流量精准度,excel虽然很麻烦,但是你值得研究。 3. Combination of keywords: The combination of keywords is a very good way to select words. The keywords that are matched in this way are highly relevant and have a good conversion rate. However, many buyers ignore this approach. In fact, the key to their own combination Words can guarantee the accuracy of traffic in the early stages of express trains. Although excel is troublesome, it is worth your research. 最近搜索量比较大,近期飙升词等等都会展现在下拉框里,这些词流量较高,另外一些属性词一样可以参考使用。 4. The recent search volume of the search drop-down box is relatively large. Recent soaring words and so on will be displayed in the drop-down box. These words have high traffic, and other attribute words can also be used as a reference. 还有一种途径是直接参考同类目热门店铺的热销同类宝贝的关键词,运用魔镜等软件直接套用别人店铺的热词,这样做很轻松,流量也不会小,但是要注意的是,虽然这样流量来了,但是转化率一般不会很好,需要自己一步步优化。 5. Another way to borrow the keywords of others is to directly refer to the keywords of the best-selling similar baby in popular shops of the same category, and use software such as magic mirror to directly apply the hot words of others' stores. , But it ’s important to note that although this traffic is coming, the conversion rate is generally not good and you need to optimize it step by step. 比如像生意参谋里的选词助手,淘宝排行榜,top20、省油宝好词推荐等等,这里就不再多说了,以上为最常用的选词方法,选词不可偷懒,基础的东西不认真做,后面就会出现一个个漏洞,各方面问题,词选不好,你是开不好车的。 6. Other methods such as the word selection assistant in the business staff, Taobao ranking, top20, oil-saving Bao good word recommendation, etc., will not be mentioned here. The above are the most commonly used word selection methods, and the word selection should not be lazy. If you do not do the basic things seriously, there will be loopholes in the back, problems in various aspects, poor choice of words, you can't drive a car. 开车省油与否,关键就是要看质量得分,也许你出价高,但是可能你依然排在出价低的同行后面,关键还是你的质量得分低!虽然这个道理大家都知道,但是想必还是很多很多卖家朋友都不知从何入手吧!没关系,下面咱们就来说说质量得分那点事。 Second, how to improve the quality score to drive or save fuel, the key is to look at the quality score. Maybe you are bidding high, but you may still be behind the peers with low bids. The key is your low quality score! Although everyone knows this, But presumably, many and many seller friends don't know where to start! It doesn't matter, let's talk about the quality score. 创意质量:也就是说你的推广创意效果近期反馈怎么样,那么什么叫创意效果呢?比如说推广创意标题的关键词点击反馈、图片点击率等等。 Let ’s first talk about the factors that affect the quality score: creative quality: that is to say, what ’s your recent feedback on the promotion of creative effects, so what is creative effect? For example, the keyword click feedback and image click rate of the creative title. and many more. Through the double creativity of the background, try to optimize the click-through rate. As long as the click-through rate of the keywords is high, your creative quality score will not be too low. 相关性:产品关键词与产品属性、类目以及产品相关信息的符合程度。 Simple to understand, the quality of creative evaluation is the product click-through rate! Relevance: The degree of conformity of product keywords with product attributes, categories, and product-related information. (1) The keywords, product titles, and promotion creative titles are mainly reflected in the relevance of the baby's title information and the through train promotion content. For example, the keywords that exist in the product title also exist in the through train keywords. The relevance of the key words to the baby will increase, and the weight will also increase. (2) Relevance of keywords and product categories The category of product release is consistent with the priority category of keywords. At this time, the relevance of keywords will be high. (3) Correlation between keywords and product attributes If the attributes of the product are reflected in the keywords, the relevance will be high. Buyer experience: Based on the buyer ’s shopping experience and recent keyword effects, such as direct train conversion rates, collection plus purchases, related conversions, favorable ratings, and customer service order services will affect the buyer ’s shopping experience. The above three factors will affect the quality score. Both the wireless end and the PC end will be affected by these factors. The better these data are, the higher the quality score will be. When your quality score decreases, you must Observe where the problem occurs, and then make targeted optimizations. Importantly, the click-through rate of keywords is the main influencing factor of quality score, but it is also necessary to consider the relevance of keywords to the baby and conversion feedback. Many people ask me if I have a better recommendation for the ordering platform. You can go to this website that I have been visiting. Baidu search: There is not much website for Yousheng. brush. Many sellers encounter bottlenecks. 淘宝是件挺难的事情, 往往砸了许多钱做推广, 但效果却差强人意。 For newbies who have no experience, it is very difficult to do Taobao. They often spend a lot of money on promotion, but the effect is not satisfactory. 在于新手卖家缺乏经验, 不懂得这里面的一些技巧。 Why? The big reason is that novice sellers lack experience and do not understand some of the techniques.


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