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The slogan of energy saving and emission reduction should be changed

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The slogan "Energy saving and emission reduction" has been used for many years, and the four tasks of "energy saving", "pollution control", "carbon reduction" and "emission reduction" have actually been confused for many years. When the 13th Five-Year Plan holds high the banner of green development, low-carbon development, and circular development, and deepen these four tasks, you can consider changing the slogan "Energy Saving and Emission Reduction" to "Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction" and "Pollution Control and Emission Reduction". Divided into two areas, two types of social obligations.

In the past, the different areas involved in pollution control and energy saving were not clearly distinguished, and the problem of pollution covering different environmental media including water and rustic was ignored. It was a comprehensive campaign to protect ecological security and public health, and was responsible for the environmental quality of the country. On the one hand, energy conservation promotes changes in the energy structure and the development of new energy sources, on the other hand, it improves the energy utilization rate and adds comprehensive benefits to pollution control. Therefore, energy saving is an auxiliary means for pollution control and a necessary saving concept for the development of the national economy. Responsible goals. It may be argued that the achievements in reducing carbon emissions over the years can prove the effectiveness of energy conservation, which in turn raises the issue of confusing emission reduction and carbon reduction goals and means. Because pollution control and emission reduction clearly show that pollution control is to effectively reduce the emissions of pollution sources and improve environmental quality; and energy conservation and carbon reduction are to effectively improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and promote energy transition. Pollution control and energy conservation, each has its own department, and work in cooperation to promote green development.

More importantly, pollution control and energy conservation fall into two types of social obligations for enterprises and the public. Pollution control is a legal obligation, and violations of the law must be sanctioned; energy conservation is a moral indicator, and violation of morality is not illegal, and should be condemned by public opinion. The driving forces of the two are different in the implementation process.

In the ISO26000 International Standard for Social Responsibility signed by the Chinese government, the social responsibility indicators are clearly divided into three levels, namely:

Obligations: Based on the indicators required by laws and international treaties, companies should ensure that all indicators in this category are met; when companies fail to meet the indicators, they may face legal sanctions or ethical criticism.

Duties should be fulfilled: Indicator requirements are higher than mandatory obligations, based on expectations of corporate ethical behavior; with the development of corporate business, enterprises should meet all such indicators as much as possible.

Willing to fulfill its obligations: the highest standards of corporate ethics, based on forward-looking requirements, companies voluntarily meet such requirements.

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When it comes to pollution control and energy saving, it is divided into necessary and due, and is at different legal and moral levels.

Obligation to prevent pollution: "Identify the relationship and impact of its decisions and activities with the surrounding environment";

Should be responsible for the topic of sustainable use of resources: "when possible, supplement or replace non-renewable resources with alternative, sustainable, renewable, low-environmental impact resources" to mitigate and adapt to climate change Topic: "Take optimal measures to gradually reduce and minimize direct and brief greenhouse gas emissions within its control, and encourage similar actions within its sphere of influence";

Willing to do our part to address environmental protection, biodiversity and natural habitat restoration issues: "Implement planning, design, and operational practices as a way to minimize the environmental impacts of their land-use decisions, including agriculture and urban development Relevant land use decisions. "

Such a hierarchical distinction in international standards is to more effectively mobilize corporate social responsibility and jointly contribute to sustainable development. Pollution control and emission reduction represent the obligation of the enterprise and belong to the scope of legal responsibility; energy conservation and carbon reduction represent the obligation of the enterprise to fulfill and are willing to fulfill the obligation, which belongs to the category of social responsibility and belongs to moral and ethical needs.

The change of a slogan represents the competent authority's understanding of the connotation of pollution control and energy saving, and also fully reflects the social needs, requirements, expectations, and aspirations of different levels of social responsibility. Let us follow the famous Carroll responsibility pyramid theory. Clear the scope of pollution reduction, energy conservation and carbon reduction, formulate more precise goals, and truly realize the integration of life, production and ecology.

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