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Golden Horse's best film "August" hand-painted posters, scheduled for release on March 24

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张大磊执导的金马奖最佳影片 《八月》 即将于3月24日登陆院线,近日片方曝光导演手绘海报,本张海报在承袭“好少年”版海报明快风格外,更首次曝光了主角小雷与父亲之间的情真互动。 The Golden Horse Award-winning film "August" directed by young director Zhang Dalei is about to land on the cinema on March 24. The director recently exposed the director ’s hand-painted poster. Expose the real interaction between the protagonist Xiao Lei and his father.

The movie "August" tells the story of a small western city in the early 1990s. The state began to transform state-owned units. The iron rice bowl was broken. In this way, Ray understood the story of growth between innocence and worldliness, between economic change and family change.

The director's hand-painted posters exposed this time have continued the strong watercolor style, with exquisite painting style, bright colors, and great summer feeling.

In the movie "August", the protagonist Xiao Lei is standing in the kitchen and looking up at his father, and his young face shows his admiration for his father. The father looked out the window with his hands on his hips, and seemed to be teaching Xiaolei something. The interaction between the two people is not only meaningful, but also portrays the relationship between Xiao Lei and his father and father and friend very well. The old objects in the room vary, from enamel thermos, blue draped sofa, to the fan hanging at the door, potted plants on the chair, and Cui Jian's "Nothing" poster on the door ... … A few idle pens are filled with fireworks, and a picture of the life of the 1990s is on paper.

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《我不是潘金莲》 再度同台;意大利亚历山德里亚电影节,成为本届国际电影节上的最佳影片。 Since the return of the 53rd Taiwan Golden Horse Awards, the film "August" has been repeatedly invited by major domestic and foreign film festivals, and has been shortlisted for the 10,000-dollar award for the Miami International Film Festival's debut script, becoming the only Chinese film to be nominated; Malaysia International Film Festival Best Director, Best Photography, Best Screenwriter, Best Film, four awards, and "I am not Pan Jinlian" once again on the same stage; Italy's Alexandria Film Festival, became the most popular at this International Film Festival Best video.

In addition, "August" also won the annual Laureate of the "Miracle Spirit Award" spontaneously organized by senior folk fans, and was invited to become the official film of the Rotterdam Film Festival in the Netherlands, as well as the only film in New York's new film and film festival Film screening.

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