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Zengcheng District, Guangzhou: Build a 100 billion-level industrial cluster of automobiles and electronic information

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On March 1, 2017, the Guangzhou City Government and Foxconn Technology Group's subsidiary 堺 Display Products Co., Ltd. project-Guangzhou Zengcheng's 10.5th generation display full ecological industrial park officially started construction in Zengcheng Economic and Technological Development Zone. Photo by reporter Luo Changwei

Ocean Network News Foxconn's 10.5th-generation display full eco-industrial park, Huadian gas cooling and heating triple power supply project, Zhujiang International Intelligent Technology Industrial Park, Guangdong Hydropower Second Bureau Co., Ltd. headquarters and other projects have successively settled. Last year, Zengcheng introduced 90 high-quality projects. A total investment of 96.2 billion yuan.

Zengcheng District follows the strategic deployment of Guangzhou as a nationally important central city and a hub-type network city, focusing on the goal of building a modern, medium-sized ecological city, adhering to new development concepts, proactively adapting to the new normal of economic development, and striving to stabilize growth. Actively build Guangzhou's advanced manufacturing base, the driving force and growth pole for Guangzhou's development.

At present, Zengcheng District focuses on the development of three major sectors of the automobile and parts industry, high-end intelligent equipment industry, and electronic information industry. It focuses on major industrial leading projects such as Foxconn's 10.5th-generation display full ecological industrial park and Guangzhou International Automobile Parts Industrial Base Zengcheng Park , Carry out investment promotion in the industrial chain, and create two hundred billion-level industrial clusters in automotive and electronic information.

Improving the Industrial Function Layout of "One District, Multiple Parks"

Create two 100 billion industry clusters

On March 1, this year, since the reform and opening up, the project with the largest single investment in Guangzhou-the 61 billion yuan Foxconn 10.5-generation display full eco-industrial park officially started construction, representing a world-class level of science, technology, and health. A new city will rise. . Zengcheng District is relying on national economic and technological development zones and national science and technology towns to aggregate high-quality resources and build new highlands for attracting investment, technology and wisdom.

Focusing on the national-level Zengcheng Economic and Technological Development Zone, Zengcheng District will focus on the expansion of the development zone and the construction of "one area, multiple parks". Zengcheng District builds three core platforms: with Foxconn's 10.5th-generation display full eco-industrial park, Guangzhou International Automobile Parts Industrial Base Zengcheng Park, and the national-level overseas Chinese dream park, enhance the carrying capacity of advanced manufacturing and modern service industries, and strengthen cooperation with Guangzhou The development zones are developed in pairs to promote joint investment and industrial interaction between the two places.

On the basis of improving the layout of industrial functions, Zengcheng District is working hard to create two 100 billion-level industrial clusters. In the electronic information industry, we will work with Foxconn Technology Group to build a technological innovation town, focusing on the development of industrial big data applications, ultra-high-definition 8K TVs, smart homes, smart offices, panel automation (industrial robotics) research and development, and other electronic information industries; Strategic support for the five headquarters new area projects and the Pearl River Science and Technology Industrial Park project to build a world-class double-creation space, incubator, and accelerator to develop the technology research and development industry. In the automobile and new energy industries, we take the two major vehicle projects of Guangben and Beiqi as the leaders, and the strategic support of projects such as Guangzhou International Automobile Parts Industry Base Zengcheng Park, Guangzhou Automobile Honda R & D Center, Guangzhou Denso, Fuyao Glass and other projects. Develop automotive and new energy vehicle R & D and manufacturing, as well as supporting vehicle core components companies.

With the intensification of the aging society and the public's emphasis on health, Zengcheng District will regard the large health industry as the main direction of strategic emerging industries in the future and cultivate the development of large health industry clusters. Using the national development zone platform and its own industry and location advantages, Zengcheng District vigorously introduces health industry projects in the development zone, strives to become an important health industry base in Guangzhou, and plans to build a high-tech park with the theme of health industry. At present, Zengcheng District is working with key projects such as Guangzhou Qianhai Life Hospital, UCLA International Health Center, Dean Diagnostics South China Headquarters, etc. to vigorously develop the health industry, and at the same time, make substantial progress in the construction of Paitan Health Town.

Strengthening the construction of a hub-type network city

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Creating a three-dimensional transportation hub

The Zengcheng section of Metro Line 13 has recently completed all two lines. The first phase of the entire civil works has been completed by 84%. After completion and opening to traffic at the end of this year, it will take 30 minutes from Xintang to reach the center of Guangzhou (Tianhe Park). Metro Line 13 is the epitome of transportation network construction. Zengcheng District is strategically connected to the construction of a hub-type network city in Guangzhou. It will focus on backbone transportation construction, accelerate the construction of a comprehensive transportation network, and build a backbone network node in Guangzhou.

Zengcheng District is strengthening the construction of a rapid and comprehensive transportation network, and is fully promoting the construction of three major transportation hubs, including the Guangzhou Eastern Transportation Hub Center, Zengcheng Railway Station, and Zengcheng Freight Station. In the eastern Guangzhou transportation hub project, there are existing Guangzhou-Shenzhen Railway Line, Metro Line 13 under construction, Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Shenzhen Intercity Railway, Xintang via Baiyun Airport to Guangzhou North Intercity Track. The implemented Metro Line 16 meets here. The development plan of the station's superstructure (main north complex) is also being studied in parallel. The reconstruction and expansion project of the station will start in 2017. It is planned that after the completion of the Guangshan Passenger College in 2020, Xintang Station will become a true eastern Guangzhou transportation hub. The southern complex—Kedar Junction International Plaza is part of the core of Guangzhou ’s eastern transportation hub. It is a TOD (that is, a public transportation-oriented development model) pilot project. It uses “station nuclear” + “urban corridor” to make the ground and Underground transportation, commerce, hotels, and office facilities are organically connected, known as the CBD of the Xintang area. The entire commercial complex is expected to be initially put into use in 2019.

While improving rail transit, Zengcheng District has further optimized the high-speed road network, promoted the accelerated construction of the second phase of the North Third Ring Road, Huawan and other highways, and started the planning and construction of the Guangzhou East Express Line and Zengwanfan Expressway.

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