httpsm99hg2com How many ways can tomato + eggs be? After watching the first one, I went to the kitchen

How many ways can tomato + eggs be? After watching the first one, I went to the kitchen

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Forced tenderness

Eggs are also common food

But it works perfectly with tomatoes

Make it no longer trivial

Tomato + egg is called

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Yes, their combination is like a relationship between couples

Brewed delicious you didn't know

Tomato Egg Custard

For eating above, human beings have not only the spirit of inheritance, but also the spirit of innovation. Even the simplest tomatoes and eggs can make different textures. A small bowl of tomato and egg ravioli not only has a new taste on the taste buds, but also a psychological pleasure for those who make food to be able to renovate old ingredients.


1. Stir the eggs in the pot and steam for about 15 minutes

2. Stir-fried tomato diced until juice comes out

3. After the custard is steamed, drizzle the fried tomatoes and a small amount of spring onions.

4. Sprinkle a little bit of soy sauce at the end

Tomato Quiche

The practice of tomatoes and eggs is more than just the ones you often eat. Of course, people love the cakes. A thin cake condenses all the nutrients of tomatoes and eggs, which is healthy and delicious.


1. Stir the eggs with a little salt, add 2 spoons of flour, and stir into a particle-free egg batter.

2. Add minced tomato and spring onion and stir well

3. Brush the pan with a thin layer of oil, turn on low heat, pour half of the egg batter and spread the bottom of the pan

4. When the bottom of the pan is cooked, gently shake the pan, and the pan will come off the bottom of the pan by itself.

5, cut out and cut into pieces

Baked Tomato Egg

Old dishes are newly prepared, Chinese dishes are eaten in the west, and Western dishes are eaten in the west. People are the most willing to study and study the patterns of eating. After all, a dish is well prepared, and sometimes it is not unusual. Most worth showing off and making friends.


1. Wash the tomatoes and cut off the top hollowed center

2. Sprinkle a small amount of salt on the bottom and beat in an egg

3. Sprinkle some salt and black pepper, and brush the tomato with a layer of salad oil.

4. Sprinkle green onions into the oven at 200 ° C and bake for 15 minutes

5. Finally, sprinkle some cheese and bake for 5 minutes.

Tomato Thick Egg Roast

A dish sometimes requires not only the name of the lower Liba people, but also the name of Yangchun Baixue to support the scene. This not only evokes reactions in the stomach in appetite, but also leaves room for diners to imagine.


1. Stir eggs with a little salt

2. Draw a cross on the top of the tomato, boiled and peeled

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3. Chopped tomato and egg mixture

4. Brush the electric baking pan with oil, pour a part of the egg liquid when it is slightly hot, and spread evenly

5. The egg liquid is solidified, roll up the prepared egg skin and place it on the side of the electric baking pan, pour a part of the egg liquid again, and spread evenly.

6. After the egg liquid is solidified, roll up the rolled egg cake in the opposite direction and compact it.

7. Cut the plate and sprinkle with black pepper and green onion

Tomato and Egg Wonton Soup

The tomato egg soup is not unusual, but the tomato egg soup is estimated to eat very few people. It's delicious and easy to make, and it can be used as a diet or as a staple food when lazy.


1. Peel and peel the tomatoes: They can be easily removed by boiling in boiling water or roasting on fire, and cut into dices; put a little vegetable oil in the wok to heat, add the diced tomatoes and the onion

2. Fry the tomatoes softly and fry the juice

3. Then put in 2 bowls of water and boil

4. While waiting to boil, put 100 grams of flour into a large bowl, then stir in about 40-50 grams of water, and then mix in egg whites to form a batter that is almost non-flowing

5. Egg yolks are put into another container for later use. If you don't master the batter, you can add dry flour into it slowly.

6. After the soup in the pot is boiled, pour the batter into the eye-shaped colander, and use the back of the spoon to drop the batter into the soup.

7. After the soup is dripped into the soup, season with salt and pepper and boil.

8. Then put the egg yolk into a few drops of water and stir well, and stir it in a circle while pouring into the boiling pan, the egg liquid will become fine particles.

9. Then add the green onion leaves and parsley powder and mix well. Add a little sesame oil and stir well.

Tomato scrambled eggs

This is the most classic dish, and it is also a tireless dish. The simplest way to make it a star on the table of ordinary people. In the present words, it is ground gas, not only in cooking, but also the availability of ingredients has made it popular. When you do n’t have an appetite, you may want to make such a appetizer. The sweet and sour tomatoes with soft and delicious fried eggs are bright in color, rich in nutrition, and delicious in the mouth.


1. Stir two eggs evenly

2. Heat a little oil in the pan, pour the eggs into a frying pan and lift the pan

3.Pour the oil in the hot pot again, and the onion flower bursts into the pot.

4.The tomatoes are softened and the soup is poured out.

Tomato egg noodles

It is said that Chongqing people love noodles in the morning, this is true. However, in addition to the authentic spicy noodles, Chongqing people sometimes like to talk about the taste, such as tomato egg noodles, like a stream of noodles inside.


1. After noodles are cooked, remove them and place them in a bowl.

2.Put the tomatoes and eggs into the pan and fry the juice.

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