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Almost successful people who can persist in running

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Almost successful people who can persist in running

The true meaning of running is to run faster and happier. Run down and let the weak leave the body.

Be a happy person, read, run, work hard, care for your body and maintain a good mood, and become your best self.

The best run is when you find a long-lost feeling in a strange place. Run alone, without fetters and constraints. One day, put on running shoes, bring yourself, how far, how far to run.

Read books and peep into the soul of others. Travel, feel in a strange environment. Movie, go to the screen to experience the life of others. Meditate and explore in your own secret place. Run and enjoy the world that others can't.

Running is not just about getting out, but getting yourself back.

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I dare not say that running can bring you back to life, but I dare to say that it can decorate the burrs of human nature and iron the wrinkles of your mind. Not because I love running, I preach the glory of running, but just because I have been so troubled and sad, but I have suffered and lost. When I run for hundreds of times, my soul gradually returns.

No one will accompany you for a lifetime, so you have to adapt to loneliness; no one will help you for a lifetime, so you have to struggle.

Not everyone has a talent for running, but running for a period of time is very addictive. You first fall in love with the sweat and relax, then you will fall in love with your gradually tightening body, and then fall in love with your pure skin, running brings subtle and intense changes to the body. This change will really offset the intense mental fatigue.

Running such a boring, lonely sport, no one can force you to play, you have to ignite the fire in your heart, you will willingly, then you will continue.

You have insisted on running so far, don't give up easily. It takes a lot of patience to run long distances, neither complaining nor explaining. Forget all those "impossible" excuses and stick to that "possible" reason. Let the fiercest loneliness accompany your running journey!


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