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Luxury and passion blend BMW M760Li xDrive Feeling innovation and extreme | Recommended

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What is the flagship? The flagship is the strongest product created by a brand's own efforts; the flagship is the automobile brand, the crown of its product sequence, and the carrier of the strongest technology and ability. ”两个字的独特理解。 In the world of luxury brands, the flagship style also needs to reflect the brand's unique understanding of the word " luxury ".

So, when we think of BMW's flagship, there will be two characters automatically born in our head:

"7 Series" and "M"

After being looked forward to by the global market for so many years, BMW finally gave a powerful answer-the new BMW M760Li xDrive. This is the first encounter between the BMW 7 Series and the "M" logo, and it is also a flagship that only BMW can do.

The birth of this new generation of BMW 7 Series, in addition to further strengthening its leading position in dynamic driving experience, ride comfort, driver assistance systems, and personalized luxury comfort in the car, it also has more outstanding BMW efficient power Technology, unique BMW intelligent lightweight structure, industry-standard in-car operating system and aerodynamic performance of the same level.

And when it was branded with the M Performance mark by BMW's M department, it also added a specially-built turbocharged 12-cylinder engine, a magic carpet intelligent air suspension system with the best dynamic driving performance and driving comfort of its class, and the M The elegant appearance of the Sports Aerodynamics package, the unique interior with M elements.

The intersection of two extreme product lines makes the new BMW M760LixDrive a truly extreme vehicle.

Extreme Power

The new BMW M760Li xDrive is equipped with the most advanced V12 engine. For the first time, it has been adjusted by the M Sports Division and printed with the "M Performance" logo. With the matching of the box, it can burst peak torque of 448 kilowatts and 800 Nm, and the acceleration result of 100 kilometers reached an amazing 3.7 seconds. The strength of "M Power" is beyond doubt. It is commendable that under such efficient power, the fuel consumption level of the BMW M760Li xDrive is also significantly lower than the equivalent performance models, while meeting the European VI emission standards.

Just like a business elite wearing a custom suit and changing into a sports suit to become a muscular man, driving in and out of the M760Li xDrive will make you invincible. Just looking at the combination of the M badge and 760Li at the rear of the car has already hinted at its powerful performance. The V12 engine and xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive system make its performance to the fullest, even in the face of complex roads. It can also ensure that the power is most effectively output to the road. Under any conditions, the M760Li xDrive can obtain the best acceleration performance and calmly deal with competitors.

Extreme performance

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The new BMW M760Li xDrive is the first luxury BMW vehicle of its kind that has been combined with BMW M technology and the BMW 7 Series for the first time. On this BMW flagship, extreme performance and extreme luxury are perfectly reflected.

The innovative magic carpet intelligent air suspension chassis system achieves excellent dynamic driving performance and driving comfort at the same time. Equipped with an active anti-roll stabilizer bar, this system minimizes the displacement of the vehicle body.

The Carbon Core high-strength carbon fiber core is a milestone in the history of automobile manufacturing. While ensuring a high-strength body structure, with the unique intelligent lightweight structure of the BMW 7 Series, it has achieved a weight reduction of 130 kg compared to the previous model.

Innovative human-computer interaction systems such as the equipped intelligent touch screen control and gesture control have once again updated the user's understanding of luxury. This update of the iDrive operating system brings the scenes in science fiction into reality, and the human-car communication can be used more directly. The touch interaction method does not even need media at all, and it can "understand" the user's daily language. Users can control related functions such as telephone, navigation, entertainment, and text messages to achieve the simplest and most effective human-vehicle interaction.


Each BMW 7 Series user is an independent and authentic consumer individual for BMW. Their preferences and requirements are the main guiding principles for the design and engineering of BMW vehicles. The flagship reflected in this flagship is BMW. 7 series full range of personalized customization services.

For consumers who are not pursuing the “M Power” surging power and extreme performance, how can the other products of the new BMW 7 Series fail to meet the requirements of the ultimate flagship? With the launch of a new generation of BMW 7 Series in China, BMW has brought an innovative luxury service experience to Chinese consumers-personalized and customized services from BMW.

Through the spirit of craftsmanship throughout the entire BMW personalized customization process, BMW brings personalized car paint, leather and wood trim that combines superior materials and exquisite craftsmanship. The unique metal paint with spraying technology and paint ingredients changes with light. Rich and colorful visual effects; the harsh selection of fine-lined Merino extended leather achieves a velvety touch and the ultimate sensory experience at less than 30% of the finished material usage rate; the finest wood trim carefully crafted in more than 20 processes The plate pole retains the original natural texture as much as possible, so that each BMW 7 Series is printed with a unique masterpiece of nature like palm prints; and customers start from the body color (such as two-color body) to the exclusive badge design (which can be decorated inside and outside) Decoration), every detail can make it truly unique.

The new BMW M760Li xDrive, this is not just a 7-series flagship with the "M" logo, but a perfect interpretation of modern luxury by BMW. Innovation has been a century-long victory for BMW. The combination of the "7 Series" and "M" has made BMW stand at the pinnacle of luxury car leadership.

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