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You can be old and young

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Years, two words,

A little lingering, a little quiet,

A little colorful and a little plain.

Years have a longer and longer meaning than time.

In other words, you can have all the flavors of life.

A little bit sour, a little bit sweet, a little bitter,

A little spicy, a little salty,

It has become the taste of time, the seasoning of life.

Years feel like a peach tree in March,

Dreaming into a forest is a brilliant mood when flowers bloom.

Flowers, fiercely opened a season, a season of fragrance,

Dressed up in the mood of the loved one.

Flowers, quietly falling dust,

The dust settled, speechless.

Faintly falling are the traces of time,

We are only looking back suddenly,

Twisting flowers, smiling, lamenting that the years are still quiet.

These are the years,

Went through all, experienced a lot,

And finally keep a pure heart,

Still indifferent, warm, so good.

Like a flower, blooming in my heart,

When blooming, it is beautiful,

Thick, enchanting, charming;

When flowers fall, it is quiet,

Zhiyuan, the sky is high, the clouds are pale.

Rolling red dust, going back and forth a thousand times,

The goal in my heart is always looming.

Dreaming, dreaming, watching the years quiet,

After all, the only one looking for was a missed life.

These are the years, and sometimes regrets remain.

But what does this matter?

A flower blooms all spring,

The most important thing is to have the mood to appreciate flowers.

No one can sail smoothly in the journey of life,

Everyone may be full of hardships and hardships on the road to success,

Nobody's years are all poetic and artistic,

Everyone's life will inevitably encounter rain, snow and frost.

Sigh when you're sorry, feel sad when you're sad,

No one can always maintain a sunny mood.

Can fail, can be sad,

You can also cry, but you must not give up ...

This is the years.

To the dust, to the world,

It was dyed with the words of years,

Suddenly there was vicissitudes,

With Lianda, there is understanding.

Seems to be rolling in the dust,

That sea smiles, that indifferent feeling,

To be relieved is to experience the profound changes in the world.

They say years are ruthless,

However, the years are ruthless and affectionate,

As long as we cherish it enough,

As long as you can understand its meaning,

To be a master of the years,

Leave a beautiful story.

It will definitely give us wisdom, softness, indifference,

In the years, be a person who knows the years,

Hold it in your hand, in your heart,

Read slowly, slowly understand the taste ...

Because, although the years are old, the heart is still young.

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Edit: Xiaoxi, an old literary youth, likes simple and easy life, like pure and sweet charm.

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