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Once upon a time, there was a tiger country with a brother and sister. Brother is clairvoyant, and sister is ears. My brother always told his sister what he saw from afar. My sister also told her brother what she heard from afar. Over time, they have feelings. However, the paper couldn't hold the fire after all, and their love was known to the father. My brother blinded his eyes for his love, and his sister cut off her ears. Embarked on a difficult journey together. Hundreds of years later, a musician knew about this and cried and made a song for them: two tigers, two tigers, running fast, running fast, no eyes, no ears It's weird, it's weird.

I live in a residential area, and the quality of the residents upstairs is too poor. I do n’t sleep at more than eleven every night. I couldn't bear it anymore. I found the property. The property told me that no one lived upstairs for a few years! I can't sleep anymore ...

When a friend gets married, her mother-in-law doesn't like daughter-in-law. 于是老公跑到老妈面前说:在遇见她之前我只爱男人, 是她让我改变了…… 于是,婆婆从此以后对媳妇无限疼爱。 The husband was very distressed, and the wife let the husband perform in front of the mother-in-law, so the husband ran to the mother and said, "I only loved the man before meeting her, but she changed me ... So, my mother-in-law loves her daughter-in-law from now on.


An old foreigner has studied in China for 4 years, focusing on Chinese. Immediately after graduation, I took the Chinese Proficiency Exam with too few questions. Take a closer look, you're covered! 一、请写出下面两句话的区别在哪里? The topics are as follows: 1. Please write down the difference between the following two sentences? 1. Winter: how much you can wear and how much; summer: how much you can wear and how much. 2. There are two reasons for leftover girls. One is that nobody cares about it, and the other is that nobody cares about it. 3. The girl calls her boyfriend: if you arrive, I have n’t yet, you just wait; if I arrive, you have n’t yet, you just wait. 4. The reason for being single: I used to like someone, but now I like someone. 1,男人对一个女人有好感的原因,一是喜欢上这个女人,二是喜欢上这个女人。 Second, additional questions: 1. The reasons why men have a good opinion of a woman, one is to like this woman, and the other is to like this woman. 2. The reason why men are late for dating is that they have fallen asleep, and the other is that they have fallen asleep. 1、他想静静 2、他想静静。 3. Reasons why the CEO left the noisy venue to smoke on the balcony 1. He wanted to be quiet 2. He wanted to be quiet. The foreigner burst into tears, turned blank, and returned to China

There was a lot of people coming and going in the supermarket. A young mother anxiously searched for the lost child. She described the physical characteristics, appearance, and age of the child to the staff. It's all selfies.

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