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College Entrance Examination Volunteer: First choose school, major or city?

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The pace of the college entrance examination is approaching. It is not advisable to prepare for the college entrance examination in 10 years, collect information in 10 days, and fill in volunteers in 10 seconds. In fact, voluntary choices will affect your life, so we must consider carefully.

Select a city: Have you considered it seriously?

Chinese parents are very conscious of major cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, etc. They always think that these cities with excellent economic, cultural, and political aspects can not only receive the best education, but also enjoy high-quality Teaching resources, but also greatly increase the competitiveness of future employment. This kind of thinking makes sense, but it also ignores the question: Do we have such strength? The admissions of these big cities have repeatedly highlighted the "three highs" scores, high requirements and high consumption. Candidates and parents should really think about it and don't take risks.

In addition, we also need to remind everyone to be clear about the principle of "distance exchange points". This is a popular term for volunteering in recent years. It is mainly aimed at the misunderstanding of some candidates and their parents that “non-provincial colleges and universities do not attend”.

School selection: Do you have two misunderstandings?

Few parents and candidates will study the history and strength of colleges and universities before filling out a voluntary report. Often, after receiving the "big book" of voluntary reporting, report which one is pleasing to the eye.

The understanding of colleges and universities at best rests on "defining" from the school name: for example, when you see "transportation" universities, you feel that they must be related to roads and railways. "Wangming University" has become one of the most common misunderstandings when choosing a university.

The second misunderstanding is the ingrained "Famous School Complex". Many candidates and parents are very concerned about the ranking of the school, and they always give people the feeling of not being famous or not focusing on reading. In fact, the complex of famous schools is not a bad thing, but there will always be a gap between ideal and reality. Although there are more than 100 211 universities, there are only a handful of specific admissions programs allocated to each province. Calmly analyze, is your score really competitive?

Choosing a major: What is upset and what is popular?

Candidates and parents are often willing to choose a hot major when choosing a major, but they do not know that some majors that seem to be hot now become less popular over time, and it is difficult to find a suitable job when they graduate.

Regardless of whether it is an upset or a hot topic, we should first understand the connotation of a profession. That is, for a major, we must know some common knowledge about the profession, such as what to learn and how to further study in the future. Don't just blindly pursue the so-called hot, but you should start from your own situation and choose a major that suits you.

When filling out a voluntary report, a jargon is generally popular, that is, candidates with high scores prefer schools, candidates with low scores prefer majors. In fact, in the voluntary entry for the college entrance examination, there is a question of "best choice" in each score segment.

Choosing a good school cannot ignore good majors. Choosing a good major also cannot ignore good schools. Combining the two is the best choice.

Two views are tit-for-tat

There are different views on the preferred school or major, and there are currently two views.

1. I think the major is preferred

Since the resumption of the college entrance examination in the late 1970s, judging from the job market inspection and employment situation, there has been a popular opinion in the society that it is not important to report that voluntary school selection is important. The key is to choose a good major so that it will be good in the future. Employment.

Among those who hold this view, especially middle school teachers. The main reason is that one's development and success depend on the profession to fight the world, not rely on the school to fight the world. The undergraduate study period can only spend four years at the university, and the major will accompany people's life.

The impact of profession on people often lasts a lifetime. Because the profession is properly selected, you can give full play to your hobbies, interests, and strengths. I prefer the major I like, and I will take a keen interest in traveling in this field. I can learn professional knowledge more actively and efficiently, and I am full of fun, make more achievements, and promote my future. development of.

Judging from the actual situation, the current universities attach great importance to the construction of majors, equipped with excellent teachers, increased investment in teaching equipment, strengthened professional research efforts, and greatly improved the quality of professional teaching.

It can be said that professional construction has become the focus of the work of various universities. Now not only famous key universities have their own key and characteristic majors, but also some less famous local colleges and universities have their own brand majors.

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At present, many candidates and parents believe that graduates of Tsinghua University unpopular majors must also find jobs easier than graduates of third-rate universities. As a result, some students, in order to enter the most ideal university in their minds, did not hesitate to choose a very cold major, and often encountered trouble when they were employed.

Because these students have overlooked a basic fact, if they can be admitted to the unpopular majors of Tsinghua University, they can generally be admitted to key and popular majors of famous schools such as Jilin University and Shandong University, which will be greater in future employment competition. The advantages.

If candidates cannot enter a major that meets their development potential, they should also choose similar or related majors, which can lay a solid foundation for future development. More importantly, in order to obtain long-term and sustainable personal development in the competitive development of the future society, it is more important to choose a suitable major than to choose a school.

2. Think school is preferred

The main reason is that with the development of society, the advancement of science and technology, and the adjustment of the industrial structure, the demand for talents in the society has changed from a single expert talent to a composite talent with solid basic theory and strong comprehensive ability. In selecting graduates, employers no longer focus on their professional counterparts in the era of planned economy, but pay more attention to the knowledge structure and comprehensive quality of students.

In order to adapt to this change, after the mid-1990s, colleges and universities have made major adjustments in the mode of running schools, and put forward new teaching methods such as "strengthening the foundation, diluting majors, teaching students according to their aptitude, and diversifying them". Therefore, candidates and parents should first choose the major of the secondary school when filling out their voluntary application.

Only when the school has a full range of disciplines and strong faculty, can there be really good majors in the real sense, and students can learn good learning methods. If you understand the importance of a profession in a narrow sense and take it too seriously, it will only leave you with life-long regrets.

A special survey shows that there is no necessary link between professionalism and high pay. Surprisingly, most people get high salaries because of their basic qualities.

From the comprehensive investigation and analysis, the vast majority of people are "learning what is not used", that is, they are not in the right profession, they are learning while doing their jobs. Good education experience and a relatively reasonable knowledge structure enable them to integrate and change. .

The relatively well-known universities have excellent schooling conditions, many famous professors, scholars, and national research institutions, libraries with huge reserves, advanced schooling concepts and education models, which can exactly achieve the above goals.

Lost the "car" one of two choices

Are these two viewpoints right or wrong? It all makes sense! They explain exactly two aspects of the same thing, the so-called dialectical unity. However, when the choice of major conflicts with the school, and "fish" and "bear paw" cannot be both, students should analyze the situation.

Four cases should choose the major first

1. Candidates with unsatisfactory grades, when the level of schools to choose from is not much different, the focus and emphasis of the application should be shifted to choosing a major.

2. When there is a conflict between the reported major and the school, the major should be given priority. Because college is ultimately for employment, choosing a major that can be used after graduation and easier to find employment is more important than choosing a school.

3. When the situation in all aspects of the school is similar, priority is given to majors. At present, some colleges and universities implement enrollment according to major categories. After entering the school, students choose a major in their sophomore or junior year. In this case, they can choose a school first.

4. If you want to continue your studies after graduating from university, you should lay a professional foundation and plan for the long-term development goals in the future. Maybe the brand of the school in which the student chooses the major is not too loud, but if the student can learn the major well, the undergraduate school will not only have no negative impact, but it can also help the students to enter a better school in the future. solid foundation.

Four situations of preferred schools

1. Candidates who have excellent academic performance and are at the forefront of the provincial key middle school rankings should choose a prestigious comprehensive university and select their relatively favorite major under this premise. Don't set a school with a professional. Because in a well-known comprehensive university, even if the students are not satisfied with their majors, there are still many second-choice opportunities such as transfer, major, second degree, and second major after admission.

If the school is based on a specialty, some of these students' skills may not be brought into play, especially those who choose engineering majors with strong operability and narrow specialty. If you want to study across disciplines or transfer department or major, At that time, you will find that there are many difficulties due to professional restrictions.

2. Candidates with moderate academic performance seem to have a large number of schools to choose from, and their majors are mostly engineering, social sciences, and related majors, which have more opportunities than candidates with excellent academic performance.

But in fact, because of the large number of candidates in this part, they can't climb up high and refuse to give up, so the options are very small. For the volunteers of this part of the candidates, you should choose a brand-name school with a relatively remote geographical location, so that the choice will become larger, the competition will be smaller, and it will also be beneficial to future development.

3. For candidates with relatively poor academic performance, choosing a school is more important. In particular, those candidates whose examination results fluctuate online or under the control of a local general undergraduate or college admission batch.

It should be acknowledged that this group of students is weaker than the first two classes in the college entrance examination competition. Therefore, if you choose a school that is relatively biased and your specialty is not “hot”, you are likely to be admitted or even It is possible to improve admission to one batch.

Every year, some agricultural, forestry, petroleum, geological, mining, and normal colleges have lowered their scores due to insufficient student resources. Admitted to relevant undergraduate majors by these institutions.

4. If your classmates intend to work directly after graduating from college, they may consider choosing a school first. Because of the direct employment after graduating from college, the brand of the school is relatively more important when applying.

Good choice in combination with reality

The above is the general principle. Of course, it cannot be generalized. We must consider them together. The fundamental one is to make a choice based on your actual situation and needs.

If students have a clear professional direction, they should make a careful inspection of the colleges and universities that offer this specialty, and then choose after comparing them. Although some universities are well-known, they may "lose" in a certain specialty to other universities that have specializations but are less well-known.

For example, Tsinghua University is definitely more famous than Renmin University of China, but if students want to study journalism, Renmin University of China is the first choice. Because the journalism major of Renmin University of China is the only major discipline of journalism in China, and its graduates are the first choice of journalism in China.

The journalism major of Tsinghua University started late, and its teaching experience and strength are not as good as Renmin University of China. Even considering the cultivation of comprehensive quality, the comprehensive strength of Renmin University of China and Tsinghua University is not very different. So comprehensively, it is better to study journalism at Renmin University of China.

In addition, the professional direction can also decide what type of school to choose. For example, majoring in Chinese Language and Literature, if you want to be a teacher, because you need to have teaching practice experience and teacher training courses, it is easier to choose a normal college than a comprehensive college. Colleges can get the influence of multiculturalism, which is more suitable for secretarial or journalist work.

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