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The best interaction is to keep distance

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Lure Junhuan

People are most afraid of turning around after understanding. The reason is very simple. I don't want to continue intertwining pale stories;

Heart and heart, I am most afraid of the indifference after knowing it, the reason is also simple, I don't want to use fire to stop the flame.

Both the results after understanding and the deep understanding are the same.

It ’s not that the story is n’t wonderful, it ’s just that people are curious and understand it; it ’s not boring;

The highest realm of communication is close to others, sparse and dense; harmony and difference, beauty and beauty.

People have the most exciting exchanges and interested expectations, and only keep close distances.

Don't be alarmed by the pale continuation behind the wonderful story; don't worry about the indifference after getting close.

If you do n’t ask for too much, you should n’t know. As for others who do n’t understand or are intertwined, enthusiasm and indifference are coming and going without a trace.

A person who feels lost is too close to the heart and then cannot stand cold.

If people's hearts change, they will ignore them. Just because he was too concerned.

People need to be aware of distance.

Basically, this is the realization of mutual respect for the independent personality of each other.

Only intimacy can maximize the feeling of good existence.

来源于西方的一则寓言: "Hedgehog's Law" comes from a fable in the West:

In the cold winter, two hedgehogs have to stay warm to each other. At first, because of the close distance, their respective spines stabbed each other with blood.

Later, they adjusted their postures and opened a proper distance from each other. Not only could they warm each other, but they also protected each other well.

Psychologists conclude that people are actually like hedgehogs that warm each other. Only a moderate distance can get along more harmoniously, so as not to be hurt by each other.

As the saying goes, "distance produces beauty."


To maintain a sense of distance, set physical or psychological distance, not emotional distance.

A moderate distance realizes that there is a relationship between relatives, but a difference, but it is warm!

Confucius: "A gentleman is different but a villain is different."

Recalling that year, Wang Anshi and Sima Guang, who were close friends, were rivals in the politics of the Northern Song Dynasty and took turns to serve as prime minister. Under the question of the same monarch, the two showed amazing agreement, greatly appreciating each other's character and talent.

后,一段关于“君子和而不 同”的佳话就此流传。 Since the song of Emperor Shenzong of the Song, "Qing and other gentlemen are also " , a good story about "Gentlemen are different " has spread.

If it is said, the Tao is different. Then, harmony and difference can be matched.

It does not mean a denial of your personal moral character. Treating people with principles, proportions, and bottom lines is the gentleman.

The sage Voltaire once said: "I totally disagree with you, but I am willing to use my life to defend your right to speak."

There is a relationship, but a difference.

Each person ’s life belongs to an individual, and the way of thinking is very different. The way of doing things is a way to distance but not exclude each other. It does not mean the denial of personal moral qualities. Far away.

The quality of communication is distance.

It is not easy to master the knowledge of communication.

Two people who are so good at each other must share for a long time.

The two people who must be parted together for a long time have also become a mess because of their goodness. It seems that there is no difference between you and me, and between you and me.

You will find that there is a distance between your best friends. This distance, not far, neither close, nor sparse, nor dense, is the endless appreciation of one heart to the other, and the eternal look of one emotion to another.

The quality of communication is distance, and moderate distance is the quality of communication. Of course, there are relatives, but harmony is different, it is natural.

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