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The story of a sparrow (worth thinking about)

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   On a quiet summer afternoon, a pair of mother and child were sitting side by side on a bench in the courtyard of the house. Fenghua Zhengmao's son was reading the newspaper, and the twilight mother was sitting quietly beside.

   Suddenly, a sparrow flew into the grass nearby, and the mother murmured, "What's that?" The son looked up, looked at the grass, and replied, "A sparrow." Read newspapers.

   The mother nodded, thoughtfully, watching the sparrow tremble in the grass, and asked again, "What's that?" The son reluctantly raised his head again and frowned: "I told you just now, "Mom, it's a sparrow." After shaking the newspaper in his hand, he looked at it again.

   The sparrow flew up and landed on the grass not far away, so the mother's gaze went up and down. Looking at the sparrow on the ground, the mother was slightly curious and asked, "What's that?" The impatient son closed the newspaper. He said to his mother, "A sparrow, mother, a sparrow!" Then he pointed his finger at the sparrow and spelled it out loud, "Touch-ah-hemp! Seven-leap-tit!" Then he turned around and stared angrily at his mother.

   The old man didn't look at his son, and still turned to the sparrow without hesitation. He tried to ask again, "What's that?" This time annoyed his son. He waved his arms and gestured angrily at his mother. "What the hell are you doing? I've said so many times! That's a sparrow! Don't you understand?"

   The mother stood up without saying a word, and the son asked puzzledly, "Where are you going?" The mother raised her hand to signal that he didn't need to come and walked back to the house.

   The sparrow flew away and his son threw the newspaper in frustration and sighed alone.

   After a while, the mother came back with a little book in her hand. He sat down and turned to a page, handed it to his son, pointed to one of them, and said, "Read!"

   The son said, "Today, I was sitting in the park with my little son who was just three years old, and a sparrow fell in front of us. The son asked me 21 times," What's that? ", And I answered him 21 And again, "That's a sparrow." Every time he asked, I hugged him, over and over again, I didn't feel annoyed at all, I just felt his innocence and cuteness ... "

   The old man's eyes gradually showed a smile, as if he had seen the past again. After the son finished reading, he closed the book in shame, held back his tears, opened his arms, clasped his mother, and kissed her cheek deeply ...

   It turned out that the mother was not suffering from Alzheimer's disease, but only saw the sparrow, recalled the closeness between the mother and the child, and repeatedly asked questions on purpose. The cute child in the diary has grown up now, no longer chasing his mother and asking "what's that", but just looking down to read the newspaper, no longer caring for the mother around her. The warmth of the past has become a memory. In front of him, just being asked four times by his mother, he was furious and could not be impatient.

   This is a reflective story, less than five minutes, but condensed a heavy topic: If love has a length, how much is the love of children to their parents different from that of parents to their children?

   The gap between 21 and 4 is not a number, but an unspeakable love;

   It is the debts that the children can't repay after exhausting their lives, and there is too much concern in them;

   From small to large, from life to death, it is consistent with every step of our life;

   The deep love of parents, bathing their children all the time, without reservation, without complaint, because it is more difficult to pay off without asking for returns.

   If your parents are old: Do n’t blame them for having incontinence and soiling your clothes, and they have wiped your shit for you. Don't blame them for stooping and humpbacking. They have also helped you to straighten your waist and toddler. Don't belittle them for putting food and drool on their clothes, and they have fed you meals because of it. Don't bother them with vague speech. Because you used to learn the language, alas, they should listen to beautiful songs.

                    No matter what my parents are doing,

Have a look for their parents.

I wish my parents healthy and longevity.

Where there are parents is home,

Mom and dad, be healthy!

Parents, i love you

If you see anyone, please tell parents, I love you

All kinds of suffering, all kinds of suffering, for the children for many years,

Do n’t give up, do n’t give up, how difficult it is,

Bitter and tired, can't finish talking, life is bumpy and sad,

Sons and daughters, rest assured, toil and pain,

End of Warsaw Defender

Children build homes for adults, parents falter in old age,

The humpback hump is difficult to walk, and the nose and tears can't be wiped away.

They all say that raising children is to guard against old age.

The children looked around and behind, looking filial to the busy bed,

Old companion, old companion, old companion smiles a lot,

If one leaves first, how lonely the remaining person is,

There is no filial son in front of the sickbed, and it is annoying to wait for a long time.

How much love parents give, how many years can their children pay back,

Scratching urine and pissing you feel dirty, why don't you want to think about your past,

Life is painful and tiring for you.

I only sighed that my destiny was so ups and downs.

Regarding family business, whoever cares about their parents ’illness,

Don't pretend to be in trouble now, just leave the elderly alone,

There will be reports of filial piety, and it will be your turn sooner or later.


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