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[Bamboo concubine] "Queen in paper" understands your humanity

Public number : Zhufei Natural Workshop Source: Time: 2020-01-08 12:48:43

Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Tao Bao Juan

Hi ~ Are happy and distressed lovers often worried about how to get along with Ta better? Is it sometimes anxious because you can't figure out the character of the other person? Xiao Bian will give you a trick, so that you can regain the courage to love, no matter whether you are facing colleagues or lovers or loved ones, and continue to love vigorously! This is a huge secret, and I do n’t tell Ta!

After a long period of observation and research, the editor has made a major discovery-in fact, from the daily habits of using handkerchief paper, you can roughly guess a person's personality miles. Let me give you a lesson today ~

Those who are used to spreading "Bamboo Princess" handkerchief paper,

Most are revolutionary bloody youths,

I'm open-minded, and everything is hot.

I can't hide my thoughts, so I ask.

After the habit of unrolling "Bamboo Princess" handkerchief paper

Refolded into squares and reused,

Not smooth enough

Act in accordance with the rules, commonly known as "square head",

Like to do things as planned,

Those who are not in the plan will drive them crazy.

After the habit of unrolling "Bamboo Princess" handkerchief paper

Stacked into triangles and reused,

Personality is more publicity,

Thinking has a strong leap, and my head is in a mess, and my mind is uncertain.

Love innovation and eclectic life.

It is used to use the "Bamboo Princess" handkerchief paper without expanding,

More stingy,

When shopping, I like to shop around.

Have an ambitious cause.

The habit of kneading "Bamboo Princess" handkerchief paper into an irregular shape,

Just so crumpled,

Throwing things down, bad memory,

It's mostly verbal, unobstructed, and nervous.

He has a bright personality and very little worries.

Habit to tear "Bamboo Princess" handkerchief paper in half,

Use half first, the other half has other uses,

Most of them are environmentalists, and a few are superb ghosts.

It ’s more reasonable to be human,

dnf Xu Xu baby red eyes

Appears to be independent and desires to be cared for inside.

Used to stack two or three "Bamboo Princess" handkerchief paper together,

There are many inner dramas and a little nervousness,

Rich in glass heart, princess disease,

Strong desire to control, can not hear criticism.

The habit of folding the "Bamboo Princess" handkerchief paper into a heart shape before using it,

Often romantic and amorous, inclusive,

Fantasy doctrine, often saying "Obasmida"

More easily trapped in love.

Used to use only scented handkerchiefs,

Soft inside, not easy to be firm,

Walking on two boats is actually true love,

Personality is easy to get along, as a sweet talk wholesaler.

The habit of using the "Bamboo Princess" handkerchief paper after wet,

Enjoy life style, pay attention to quality of life,

It ’s so clean, I hate it,

Need frequent vacations to get back in the mood

It is used to fold the "Bamboo Princess" handkerchief paper into strips and then stack them.

Severe obsessive-compulsive disorder, detailed control,

But going out is definitely a reliable "human flesh navigator",

Don't say anything, you must be a Virgo! 😄😄😄

不明底细的人之后,一定不要慌乱阵脚,机智地递给Ta一包充满爱意的"纸🀄皇后"竹妃手帕纸,接下来的工作就待静静的仔细观察即可! Different personalities create different human beings. If you encounter unknown people, don't panic, and handily give Ta a bag of "paper 🀄 queen" bamboo conker paper with love, and the next work remains to be seen Just watch carefully!

Isn't it easy? All skills are taken without thanks ~

Nani! ?

The above does not include the handkerchief paper method you use? Come and tell the editor, so that the editor can open your eyes!

Simple and high-precision "Bamboo Princess" handkerchief paper

Look! Is there a hint of pride in restraint?

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