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You take the company as your home, your boss treats you like a brother

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No one wants to be a clerk in their lifetime, but do you know how to successfully leap into the "Dragon Gate" and become a dragon? The secret is: When you put your work in your heart, the boss puts you in your heart; when you leave the work behind, the boss puts you behind.

Therefore, as an employee, you must have a clear mind and focus on your work. You love the business like a boss and work like a boss. Only in this way will the steelyard in the mind of your boss lean towards you.

If you always think about the company's affairs, always keep your work in mind, the boss will always think about your future and keep you in mind; if you rarely think about the company's affairs, often leave work behind you. The boss will rarely think about your future and will leave you behind.

According to Gallup's 42 surveys, in most companies, 75% of employees are unemployed. These employees are always mixed in the company, they have passed it, and they lack the professionalism of the company. Moreover, the results of the study indicate that the longer the employee qualifications, the less engaged they are. ,他们把工作远远地抛在脑后,给公司带来巨大了的损失,这种损失表现为浪费资源、贻误商机以及收入减少、员工流失、缺勤增加和效率低下等。 Most of these senior employees are “absent” or “retired on the job” . They leave work far behind and bring huge losses to the company. Such losses are manifested as wasted resources, delayed business opportunities, and reduced income. , Staff turnover, increased absenteeism and inefficiency.

They usually work very passively. They always take into account the points assigned by the boss. If they are not within the points, they will say, "This should be done by someone." Even if the work within the branch is not supervised, they often delay or even do nothing. ,因为很多人都这么认为,于是一大批材料被淋坏了也没人管。 They often turn a blind eye to work that the boss has not arranged. For example, some materials in the company are being rained by rain. He would say, "This is the job of the warehouse keeper, it doesn't matter to me." Because many people think so, So a large number of materials were leaked and no one managed.

We often see situations like this: Before it is time to get off work, there is a crowd of people near the punch card machine at the door of the company. They are waiting for the time to come out to punch in and leave on time. In their hearts, the boss's work is done within 8 hours, and the company has nothing to do with it outside of 8 hours.

A manager has just joined a company. Wechat search, business management school, one afternoon, you need to write an important document, and after writing it, you have to make dozens of copies. It ’s almost time to get off work, but it ’s almost finished. In order to make sure there is a copy, he made a special trip to the printing room below the floor and said to the clerk there: “I ’ll copy something in a while, please wait for me . "When he wrote the file and printed it, it was 3 minutes after work.

He hurriedly picked up the documents and went to the copyroom, but the manager's wait was for the locked door of the copyroom. Because the documents were to be used that night, he had to ask the security guard to chase back the clerk who had left, but she accused: "I have been waiting for you until work, you have not come!" When the security guard reminded her that this was new When she was the manager, she was so sweaty and greeted the manager in the copy room respectfully.

These "states" are not high enough, the boss really has no reason to say that they are wrong, because after work, time really belongs to him personally. However, the boss can't find any reason to like or even reuse such employees.

The words of Sanyo, the founder of Sanyo Corps, expressed the aspirations of many bosses. He said, "For ordinary employees, I only require them to work for 8 hours. That is, as long as they think about work during office hours, it is OK. For For them, after work, they can step outside the door of the company and do whatever they like. But, I also said that if you are content with this life and you do n’t think about doing 16 hours or more in thought, then you may never be in your life. It can only be an average employee. Otherwise, you should consciously think more about work and the company outside of work. "

No one is willing to be a clerk all his life, but many people only know "not willing", but do not think about how to get rid of the identity of the clerk.

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A professional manager who is very smooth on the career path once said: "If you always think about the company's affairs, always keep your work in mind, and the boss will always think about your future and keep you in mind; If you rarely think about the company and often leave work behind, your boss will rarely think about your future and you will be left behind. "

The professional manager used to work for a car company. There is another story about him.

If you are a production manager of a certain automobile company, one day, after passing through a parking lot after work, you find that a car produced by your company is out of order. What would you do?Many people may say that this is what matters to me, I ’ll go home; others will say that this is the service department's business, I do n’t care; if the level is higher, they may go forward and ask the situation, Call someone in the after sales service .

The professional manager just mentioned had not yet become a manager at that time, but was an ordinary skilled worker in the production department. One day, on the way home from work, when he encountered a car that was out of order, he took the initiative to step up. After asking about the situation, he took out the spare tools on the car and spent two hours to repair it. The owner was very moved and asked if he was a staff member in the after-sales service department. He said no, he was in the production department. The owner also asked him why he came to repair the car since he was not in the after-sales service department. He said that because the car is their company's car, it is necessary to maintain the company's image, and of course it should be repaired. As to which department is not important.

Things passed quickly, just as the skilled worker almost forgot about it, a company leader found him and announced that he would be promoted to be the manager of the production department. It turned out that the moved car owner told him about the company. The company leader was touched by his professionalism and gave him a chance. He said to many people present: "One who can maintain the company's image on the way to work People who do their own thing are the ones we want to reuse! "

For the bosses, they do everything that is good for the company. They are always eager to find employees who regard the company's affairs as their own affairs, hoping that such employees can become his "stand-in" to accomplish things that he has no energy to accomplish. Obviously, his requirement for employees is to work like him.

If you can be like your boss, always keep your work in mind and do the company's business as your own, then you can definitely let your boss shine: this is the person I am looking for! Next, good opportunities, high positions, and high salaries will follow.

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