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Give you a chance to show yourself

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Have a chance

Not only become employees

永辉 Bravo 精致 高端超市的合伙人 Become a partner of Yonghui Bravo's sophisticated high-end supermarket !

Bravo 精致高端超市,采用合伙人制度,永辉投资门店,合伙人员工负责经营门店,合伙人员工在获得工资与福利之外还可享受利润分红,永辉提供平台让员工实现创业梦想。 Yonghui Bravo's sophisticated high-end supermarket adopts a partner system. Yonghui invests in stores. Partner employees are responsible for operating the stores. Partner employees can enjoy profit dividends in addition to salaries and benefits. Yonghui provides a platform for employees to realize their entrepreneurial dream. At Yonghui we are partners, we work for ourselves and we move towards a common goal.

I. Recruitment positions

Purchasing assistant

Titans Legacy Web Edition

Recruitment requirements

35 岁以内; 学习能力强、适应较快工作节奏; High school education or above, less than 35 years old; strong learning ability, adapt to faster work rhythm;

Have more than one year of operating experience

3. Benefits

500 强,业态遍及 18 个省份,优于同行业的薪资福利,法定节假日,带薪年假,生日 party 礼品、社保五险,住房公积金(城镇),员工餐 (2 / ) ,每月休息六天等。 Listed companies in China's top 500 , with formats in 18 provinces, are better than the same industry's salary and benefits, statutory holidays, paid annual leave, birthday party gifts, social insurance five insurance, housing provident fund (urban), employee meals (2 yuan / meal ) , Rest six days a month and so on.

并州路与并州东街交叉口中正天街负一层永辉超市 乘车路线: 805、4、864、25、814、并州北路并州东街口下车 招聘热线: 0351-5680986 Place of work: Yonghui Supermarket on the first floor of Zhongzhengtian Street, at the intersection of Bingzhou Road and Bingzhou East Street

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