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[Expectation] I want to have someone and not let myself down again.

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"I want to have someone and not let myself down again."

When I was a kid, I was often misunderstood and knew that I was not doing well enough to argue with others. Therefore, I often imagine that one day, someone will no longer let myself down, and I will not let anyone down.

However, time has passed in the past 20 years, and this day has not come yet.

At that time, I had a clear love and hate, and stubbornly thought that if you wanted to treat me with your heart, you would not let me down. Also if I really want to be nice to you, even if I do my best, I will make you satisfied.

I will attribute my disappointment to the unwillingness of the other party and the disappointment of the other party to my unwillingness.

At the time, I felt that if we were disappointed with each other, the relationship would naturally come to an end and it would be difficult to continue the frontier. I thought that everything would be satisfactory as long as I was willing to work hard; if the result was unsatisfactory, it must be that I didn't work hard enough.

If you don't see your own limitations, you won't understand the difficulties of others. It wasn't until the age of rampage, when I knew how to smile and lower my head, I found two simple truths: I tried my best, and some people were still disappointed in me; knowing that the other party was working hard, I would also be disappointed in him .

I finally understood: disappointment has nothing to do with good or bad.

But turning around and falling into deep despair, the perfect world I wanted was instantly disintegrated, and a small voice inside asked me: I ca n’t make people not disappointed, and I ca n’t find someone who does not let me down. What is the meaning of the relationship between people?

Disappointment is the only way to mature

After I started working as a consultant, sometimes I found that the consulting relationship was progressing well, but the next time suddenly it was not good. I asked my teacher: I found nothing wrong with me, why did it suddenly change?

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My teacher said: Disappointment is where the growth begins. If you accept it, you will mature.

At this time, I realized that a consulting relationship, like any other relationship, is often neither as good nor as bad if it is real enough.

It is like a flaw on the beautiful jade. If you remove it directly, the jade will no longer exist, but you can make it bright and transparent through emotional polishing. The beginning of each relationship is a beautiful jade to be polished. Only when you are in love can you truly belong to yourself.

When I accepted the disappointment, brought my imperfections, and met more imperfect relationships, I no longer felt that I should be the only person in the lives of others. If I can be understood, I am happy; if I am not understood, I accept it. Because, I finally understand that disappointment is common and there is no need to be sentimental.

Maybe you are the same as mine. When you are unhappy, you will think that one day, someone will no longer let me down. However, when your lover, children, parents, and friends, the closest ones, are disappointed one by one, you may blame each other. My lover is bad, my child is bad, my parents are bad, my friends are bad They don't understand me.

So you still have a fantasy about a stranger or a new relationship, and then one day you will find that you are still very disappointed ...

There will never be someone who will never let you down. Sometimes you will let yourself down.

When a child begins to accept disappointment with his parents and no longer complains that they are not good enough, the child grows up;

When a man or woman begins to accept disappointment with her partner and no longer strives to change each other, the relationship is near;

When you accept your disappointment and stop blaming or hitting yourself, you are mature.

Disappointment is where growth begins. It is a must-go road, so why do you have to hide from one to the other? It is not only the lesson of life, but also the imperfect sentiment. Since you ca n’t refuse, why not start from this moment, accept it and walk on the road of self-growth

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