hg19088.com China and South Korea's starting lineup for the National Football Team: 433 formation Zhang Xizhe + Hao Junmin to form a technical midfielder

China and South Korea's starting lineup for the National Football Team: 433 formation Zhang Xizhe + Hao Junmin to form a technical midfielder

Public number: Zhao Yuchao Football Source: Time: 2020-02-21 01:31:20

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At 7:30 pm today, the national football team will face South Korea at Helong Stadium in Changsha. This is the sixth game of the team's World Cup qualifiers. Coach Lippi has made it clear before the game that if the team wants to qualify for the World Cup, then this game must win. From the current staffing situation of the team, they will continue to use the 433 formation, Zhang Xianzhe and Hao Junmin are expected to become the team's technical midfield combination.

Zhang Xianzhe and Hao Junmin become technical midfield commanders

Since the national football team began training on March 16, the team has been training in a closed situation. As the game draws closer, the team's main lineup has gradually surfaced. From the perspective of lineup arrangements, Lippi is expected to continue to use the 433 lineup when playing against Qatar, which has also been his insistence since taking office.

The goalkeeper position must be Zeng Cheng, and his steady play has always been valued by Lippi. On the back line, Jiang Zhipeng will be the left-back. He made an eye-catching performance in the last World Cup qualifier with Qatar and became the best player.

In the past, the national football center defender used a combination of Feng Xiaoting and Zhang Linhuan. This time, there has been a change. Feng Xiaoting and Mei Fang's partner will be used to allow Zhang Linhuan to play the right back to prevent the South Korean side attack. Except for Jiang Zhipeng, the remaining three are from Evergrande. Lippi still trusts Evergrande's defense line.

In the midfield, Huang Bowen will not be able to participate in this game because of a leg injury. Veteran Zheng Zhi is still the core of the midfield. His left and right are Zhang Xianzhe and Hao Junmin. Both are technical players. They will be responsible for organizing attacks in the midfield. Zheng Zhi's responsibility is more defensive.

Zhang Zhezhe's ability to pass threats has always been appreciated by Lippi. Hao Junmin scored a direct free kick in the last match with South Korea. Tonight's game will continue to start.

At the forward position, Zhang Yuning is expected to become the first center of the Chinese team. Although there were not many matches in the first team of Waiters, Lippi chose to believe Zhang Yuning at the critical moment. Wang Yongbo, who entered the Lippi national team for the first time, is also expected to play in this game. His ability has always been recognized by Lippi.

Wu Lei had the symptoms of a cold and fever a few days ago, and he has basically recovered in the past few days. If he is in good condition, he will appear in the match with the South Korean team. Of course, if the state is not adjusted well, the coaching staff will change players at any time.

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China and South Korea play against each other

How should you play against the Korean team? Lippi and his assistants already had a solution. The team will definitely not stop blindly, and the coaching staff also clearly told the players to strengthen the frontcourt and put enough pressure on the opponents when laying out their tactics.

In the past few days, the national football coaching staff watched some clips of the South Korean team's video games, which were basically the content of their previous top twelve matches. Although the South Korean team ’s offense is sharp, there are actually many holes in the defense. The national football coach also hopes that the players can catch the Korean team ’s omissions and strive to be the first to score goals, so that the next game will become more initiative.

There has been news that the National Football team will play 4231 formations against the South Korean team, but from the current situation, Lippi is not willing to let the team stay blindly, the team continues to use the more aggressive 433 formation. And when the tactics are laid out, the players are clearly informed that several people in the frontcourt must strengthen the grabbing and create enough pressure on the opponent's back line to prevent the opponent from easily hitting the ball.

Lippi's tactical thinking requires the players to have a good physical fitness as a support. The coaching staff believes that it is not a problem for the players to cope with such a game through these days of training.

In addition to strengthening the frontcourt, the team also practiced positioning ball tactics during the past few days of training. The coaching staff also hopes that if a goal cannot be scored in a sports match, then the set ball is also a magic weapon to break the opponent's goal. After all, when the two sides played for the first time, a direct free kick was played.

Expected starting (433):

Wang Yongpo Zhang Yuning Wu Lei

Zhang Xianzhe Zheng Zhihao Junmin

Jiang Zhipeng Feng Xiaoting Mei Fang Zhang Linhuan

Zeng Cheng

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