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Press 2 acupuncture points before bed and say goodbye to insomnia ~

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[Shenmen Acupoint]: The depression on the inner side of the highest point of the lateral bones of the palm and wrist. One for each hand.

[Sanyinjiao Point]: It is located 3 inches above the tip of the medial malleolus and the medial posterior edge of the tibia. One on each leg. Efficacy: Nourish the heart and soothe the nerves, improve the symptoms of insomnia. (Note: pregnant women are not allowed to massage Sanyinjiao .)

[Massage method] Pressing and rubbing Shenmen acupoint: Pressing and rubbing Shenmen acupoint 20--30 times with the thumb and thumb, from light to heavy.

Press and knead Sanyinjiao: Press and knead Sanyinjiao with thumb and thumb 20--30 times, from light to heavy. This method is very good. It doesn't cost money or take it internally. It only needs to be ok. If you don't want to lose sleep, don't be too lazy.

Tips for preventing insomnia:

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睡前不喝浓茶 1. Do not drink strong tea before going to bed . Many people work overtime every day, and in the evening drink strong tea and coffee to refresh themselves to continue working. Over time, it disrupts the body's biological clock, disrupts sleep patterns, and causes insomnia. So at least do not drink strong drinks such as strong tea, coffee before going to bed.

2. Avoid high mental tension and maintain a good attitude. Everyone should arrange work and study according to their own characteristics, and the expectations should not be too high. This may have unexpected effects

3. Keep your life as regular as possible. The rules of life are very important to people's health. Without good rest, you cannot work well. Therefore, if you want to have sufficient energy to cope with competition, you must live a regular life and ensure adequate sleep.

4. Proper exercise to prevent insomnia. Every morning and evening, you can exercise appropriately, such as walking, jogging, and playing Tai Chi, etc. This is conducive to mental relaxation, make people's sleep center work normally, and fall asleep smoothly.

5. Eat a reasonable diet. On the basis of ensuring three meals a day, eat less dinner to avoid large fish and meat and spicy and irritating food. There is a famous saying in Chinese medicine: "Stomach discomfort, but restlessness." It is said that uncomfortable eating can cause insomnia, so supper should not be too full, and eat light, digestible food as well.

6. Soaking your feet at night is good for sleep. 用温水泡脚10分钟,并用手按摩脚以促进血液循环,可促进睡眠。 Soak your feet in warm water for 10 minutes 1 hour before bedtime , and massage your feet with your hands to promote blood circulation and promote sleep.

7. Avoid excessive excitement or excessive thoughts before going to bed. If you don't watch too intense movies, TV, novels before going to bed, and don't think about excessive sadness and relax your mind, it will help you fall asleep. For the treatment of insomnia, from the perspective of clinical application, if it is mild insomnia, the above therapy may be a good adjuvant treatment. For patients with long or severe insomnia, it is recommended to combine the above therapies and take medications. For patients taking western medicine to control sleep, if possible, avoid taking western medicine as far as possible to avoid dependence and further worsen the condition.


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