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The following "symptoms" of tap water indicate that the water purifier is installed

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Look at the tap water at home. If the following conditions occur, can it be installed without a water purifier?

停水后再来水是这样的: (1) The water comes back after stopping the water:

This phenomenon is mostly due to the old age of water pipelines, and unavoidable rust, sediment and even red bacteria.

家里的自来水异味大 (应该是水中含有余氯,健康安全的水应该是无色无味的),建议做个小实验;接两杯水,其中一杯滴入OTO余氯试剂,如果是下面情况的:(出现黄颜色的就说明水中有氯气)氯气的危害,这里就不赘述了。 (2) The tap water in the home has a strong odor (it should be the residual chlorine in the water, and the healthy and safe water should be colorless and odorless). It is recommended to conduct a small experiment; take two cups of water, and one of them drops the OTO residual chlorine reagent. The following conditions: (The yellow color indicates that there is chlorine in the water) The harm of chlorine is not described here.

家住楼房,尤其是高层的 ,通常都是二次供水,难免会面临二次的污染,一般是这样的: (3) Houses and buildings, especially high-rise buildings, usually have secondary water supply, which will inevitably face secondary pollution. Generally, this is the case:

If it's okay to clean often, I'm afraid they will be in trouble if they forget it.

你所居住的城市 ,周边河流已经找不到鱼虾,更有可能河水是这样的: (4) In the city where you live , fish and shrimp can no longer be found in the surrounding rivers. It is more likely that the river water is like this:

Or something like this:


Most of our drinking water comes from groundwater, which has a close relationship with the rivers around us.

In the above case, it is time to consider installing a water purifier!

Why install a water purifier?

Obviously, the water purifier can remove or minimize the pollution in the water, take a look below to know!

▲ PP cotton

This is a pp cotton filter, which can remove large particles such as rust, sediment, red insects in water; it needs to be replaced in three to six months.

▲ Activated carbon

The activated carbon filter can absorb pesticide residues, heavy metals and other organic pollution in the water; the activated carbon filter is generally replaced within half a year to about one year.

▲ Ultrafiltration membrane

Ultrafiltration membrane belongs to deep purification, and the pore size is generally 0.1 micron or smaller, which can filter out smaller suspended matter and large particles of organic matter; generally it should be replaced about 12 months.

Some pictures are from the Internet No health today, doctor tomorrow! Well-off is not well-off, we must be healthy!

Can our kidneys survive without a water purifier?

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