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Leadership arrangement (basic routines are available)

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I. Seating arrangements for the conference podium:

On the podium, when the leader is singular, the main leader is centered. Leader No. 2 is in the left-hand position of leader No. 1 and leader No. 3 is in the right-hand position of leader No. 1;

When the leadership is even, leaders 1 and 2 are centered at the same time, leader 2 is still in the left-hand position of leader 1, and leader 3 is still in the right-hand position of leader 1. Please refer to the seating chart below:

2. Banquet seating arrangements:

A: Chinese food.

The master accompanies the door ↓

Many times, you can still do this. ↓

B: Western food.


The order is the same as the arrangement of the podium ↓

Fourth, sofa room small meetings, business contacts:

V. Long table meetings and business contacts:

1. A is the guest (or superior leader) ↓

2. The main party is on the left side of the entrance gate, and the guest is on the right side of the entrance gate ↓

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6. Car seat arrangement:

When the driver is driving ↓

When the owner is driving ↓

When riding a cart ↓


小轿车1号座位在司机的右后边,2号座位在司机的正后边,3号座位在司机的旁边。 1. The first seat of the car is behind the driver, the second seat is behind the driver, and the third seat is beside the driver. (If there are three people in the back row, seat 3 is in the middle of the back row). The main seat of the middle car is in the first row behind the driver, and the No. 1 seat is near the window.

如果由主人亲自驾驶,以驾驶座右侧为首位,后排右侧次之,左侧再次之,而后排中间座为末席,前排中间座则不宜再安排客人。 2. If driven by the owner himself, the right side of the driver's seat is first, the right side of the rear row is second, the left side is second, the middle seat of the rear row is the last seat, and the middle seat of the front row is not suitable for guests.

主人夫妇驾车时,则主人夫妇坐前座,客人夫妇坐后座,如果主人夫妇搭载友人夫妇的车,则应邀友人坐前座,友人之妇坐后座,或让友人夫妇都坐前座。 3. When the host couple drives, the host couple sits in the front seat, the guest couple sits in the back seat. If the host couple carries the car of the friend couple, the friend is invited to sit in the front seat, the friend's wife sits in the back seat, or both the friend and the couple sit in the front seat.

主人亲自驾车,坐客只有一人,应坐在主人旁边。 4. The owner himself drives the car. Only one passenger is allowed to sit next to the owner. If there are many people sitting in the same seat, the guests sitting in the front seat should get in the front seat after getting off the bus.

旅行车接送客人:旅行车以司机座后第一排,即前排为尊,后排依次为小。 5. The coach transports guests: the coach takes the first row behind the driver's seat, that is, the front row as the respect, and the rear row is the smallest. The seat's esteem is decreasing from the right side of each row to the left.

Seven, elevator etiquette:

Eight, wedding arrangement:

If there are local customs, follow the customs, for example, some places are used to placing newcomers and better seniors on the main table.

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