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What is a couple? What is home? What is happiness? (Well done)

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What is a couple?

夫妻好比两条腿,要站稳,要走路,谁也离不开谁。 "It's been the same boat for hundreds of years, and it's the same for thousands of years." A husband and wife are like two legs. They must stand firmly and walk.

Why does one leg always complain about the other? If a couple says that they have been married for decades without conflicts and differences, it can be asserted that at least one of them has no responsibility for the family and no concern for the other party.

Because marriage is comfortable trouble. Love for a lifetime, quarrel for a lifetime, endure a lifetime, this is a couple.

What is home?

Home is run by couples, weaving dreams and bitter and sweet nests.

家是一份责任;家是彼此的真诚相待,家更是能够白头偕老的慢慢旅程。 Home is a heavy burden, and home is a responsibility; home is the sincere treatment of each other, and home is a slow journey that can grow old.

Home is all about being with your family. When you have it, it is as ordinary as chai tea with soy sauce and vinegar; when you lose it, you ca n’t find it with your heart or liver.

,夫妻之道“难得糊涂”。 The family is not a place for reason , and the way of husband and wife is "rarely confused". If no one wants to be confused, the family will never be peaceful.

What is marriage?

,爱是主食,宽容、理解、信任、尊重就是一道道菜,欣赏、幽默、趣味就是酒和饮料。 Marriage is like a banquet table . Love is the staple food. Tolerance, understanding, trust, and respect are a course. Appreciation, humor, and fun are wine and drinks.

Only the banquets of the above-mentioned varieties can be regarded as perfect banquets.

I hope that everyone will eat comfortably, calmly, and permanently at the table of marriage until the last breath of life.

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What is happiness?
Home is happiness.

Home is a relaxing place, making people feel comfortable and contented. Tired, tired, hurt, hurt ... and home to go back to.

At home, you can open up completely, you can have trust, you can fully understand ...

Having a home is enough to make us feel satisfied.

The other half who lives with each other is happiness.

The road of life is very worrying. There are people who can accompany themselves through the ups and downs, support each other, and support a warm home together. When they are old, they are still beside each other.偕 Old ".

Having children is happiness.

Children are the continuation of their own lives. When you watch your children grow up and grow up and pass on from generation to generation, can you say that this is not a happiness?

Having friends is happiness.

If you have friends, you will be happy to share, some will be comforted by pain, some will be troubled by listening ...

Regardless of being around or in the distance, as long as there are so many people thinking about themselves, you can realize that happiness is actually everywhere.


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