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I'm going to visit a customer, but is it enough for me to bring a gift?

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Call to schedule an appointment

1. What to call

1) Ask the client if she received the email , forward it 10 minutes before calling, and send the most important email (such as the quotation form, appointment appointment time) before sending it again, so ask when you sent it E-mail, they can check immediately, what is your email address? The itinerary needs to be scheduled for a period of time. Tell the customer to buy the ticket two weeks in advance and the visa will determine the specific time.

2) Ask customers for their response to our quotation and their views on the products. They think that the hot-selling products and packaging requirements, try to get customers to buy samples . Before you visit customers, if the customers have purchased samples and tested, this will be more Quickly promote batch cooperation.

3) Ask the company if it has a cooperative OEM, whether it develops products independently , or buys ready-made products, ready-made brands, which is conducive to the cooperation method when you are ready to meet.

4) Ask about the list of people and positions to attend the meeting . This will help you prepare the coloring pages you need to carry and the work of the corresponding conference staff.

2. Note during calling

1) First ask people: Are you free to talk with me now, am I disturb you, or are you convenient.

2) Introduce who you are , and then say when you sent the email about what.

3) Finally hang up the phone lightly , don't slam it very rude.

4) If the client speaks quickly, if the client does not respond for a long time or if his English is not good, it will be slow.

5) Summarize the contents of the phone chat after the call is hung up , and the customer's questions should be answered immediately.

Do the company's PPT well and show the company's strength

PPT is the most powerful tool to show the company's strength during the interview, so it is very important and must be done professionally. PPT is different for different types of customers. Here is the general PPT.

PPT cover and style (simple, but it must have the company's own characteristics, this is consistent with the company's brand image)

1. Company logo + customer logo , the picture of the handshake in the middle, plus a sentence of the company's service object. For example, we mainly serve famous OEM and ODM customers around the world. Of course, if you see customers who promote our own brand, change to Correspondingly serve well-known customers around the world, removing OEM and ODM.

2.Introduce the company's advantages

1) R & D advantages;

2) Advantages of strict quality control in the factory;

3) One-stop service;

4) Have cooperated with 300 ODM, 400 OEM customers, and have cooperated with a large number of customers with digital representation, and have very rich experience.

3. Brief introduction of the company , scale, staffing, especially engineers, designers, QC personnel

4. The company's R & D flow chart allows customers to clearly develop a new product process

5, test items , the company's laboratory test content and test fixture pictures, including some certificates for external testing

6, factory map

7. Hot product recommendation and product introduction

8. If customers who cooperate to buy our brand need to provide some exhibition pictures and some advertising resources of the company to prove our efforts to promote our own brand.

9. If the customer is a giant customer, you need to provide the company's production capacity table to reflect the company's production strength, and provide some expansion opportunities, tell the customer that we have sufficient capacity to expand quickly to meet their requirements.

10. In the process of discussing products, consciously express your industry experience (such as the number of years in the industry), knowledge of the product (such as potential problems that may occur in the product), and understanding of industry trends (see industry magazines and combine yourself The summary can not be copied and copied. Some customers are not very clear about themselves, but they are fooled.) It is mainly for customers to realize that you are very professional and have sufficient experience as the basis for cooperation.

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11. Be prepared in advance to ask customers' questions , and understand the customer's scale, development model, product status, purchase volume, etc. in various aspects. Some of these issues can be raised directly, while others that involve more confidential content require side-by-side hits. It is best to ask questions in the last period of the visit, that is, the client has a better understanding of you and is attracted by your profession, because after in-depth communication, he will be more willing to answer.

Analyze customer websites

Look at the main purpose of the website:

1. What do you know from this website?

2. What should I record after reading it?

3. What should I do for this client after watching it?

How to see the website

1. Take a look at the main title and learn which grades of products your customers are promoting. Then record the more typical products, such as hot products, new products.

What we can do for our customers: we choose a product that we are selling or representative for designers to make a dynamic promotion image of the same size and send it to the customer by email. The customer's trademark on the website, our screenshots are stored in the customer information file to help you know the customer's brand and image design, and it can also be put into the PPT.

2. See "about us" for relevant information about the company; such as what form the company sells its products: online store, physical store wholesale / distributor or chain store, etc., what is the scale.

What we can do for our customers: record the year of establishment of the company, and some will mention the CEO ’s name, then you must use the search engine to find the CEO ’s email address, at least in the future, or write a thank you letter to their company. In other words, we can invite their CEO to our company to visit the factory. This useful information must be recorded in the customer profile.

3, see the company's "contact us" Many customers' websites will write some of their distributor's contact information or their physical stores, so as to distinguish the sales form of customers. And writing the customer is very simple, just write the contact information.

What we can do for customers: call the buyer's contact information of the customer's company, find the right person, and visit their physical store in the customer's country in the future, or use Google Maps to find the address of the store and see the appearance Grade

4. What products are sold on the entire website? What brands are sold, especially best sellers and new products? This can help you understand which products are selling well in the customer market and their purchasing direction. If there is a product in the product that is not available on the market, and the customer develops the product independently, it means that the customer has cooperated to develop the product independently.

What we can do for customers: make a product comparison chart, or list some of the advantages of our products, and send them to customers by email. Analyze the level of customer product consumption and the lack of products. Which of our company's products can be used as supplements, find the connected products, and make corresponding quotation sheets.

5, see customer news, whether there are exhibitions or other valuable information.

Only by doing the above, will you not waste your company's travel expenses!

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