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Two Elves (8 poems)

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Two elves

The moon is like a dream

Rising from the blue lake

White apricot blossom in moonlight

Open in the wilderness

My love

I look at you in the grove

With a graceful attitude

Come over from the depths of time

When darkness is coming

When darkness is coming

We will lead you to our dreams

There will only be a shadow left in the desolate world

Then you will see us in a dream

Together through the sky without stars


Under the cherry tree in full bloom

Invisible moon

But i heard deep silence

It's snowing

Here is the angel, the last array

Far from human fantasy

We step on the fragments of the stars

Stay in the dark

Here is angel

Final array

Although we have never returned home

As long as our wings don't die

We breathe blue

We will be like the sun

Immortal faith

Garden of Time

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God is dead, the sky is open, although there is no faith for the time being, no trust.

But we have come from an unprecedented crash,

See an unprecedented great freedom. In the darkness that has never been seen, there is hope that has never been seen.

"We will have an immortal faith like the sun, reflecting the garden of time."

The horizon seems to be redeveloped, and the great noon is coming.

Flowers on the ground

Flowers on the ground

Full of divinity

As if a lonely flame

They cross the dark fence

Rise slowly

And the earth is still

A silence--

Actually the earth is the sky

An eternal shadow

Another you

What you find is me

Another you

Sitting under a tree deep in the wilderness

My soul blossoms in the dark

There is a way to our garden

There is a way to our garden, but no one comes from there, under the beautiful moonlight, lying in the beautiful primrose bush, staring at the golden and deep purple stars, thinking about how to recall the good times

The storm is coming

The storm passed over my head. Countless things. Countless people. Unrecognizable. I just stood low and listened. I just swept away the dust of time. Not in the center of the storm.

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