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Have you hated others

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People's emotions are very subtle. But it is always relevant. This benefit is not just economic, but also spiritual. So we not only like to be with those who have the opportunity, money, etc., who are ambitious, knowledgeable, talented, or wealthy, but also like to be comfortable with those who bring us ease and joy.

I thought that Chinese socialist education was very successful for me. In terms of dealing with people, although I didn't make the "treat to others with leniency" the ultimate, I always felt guilty when I did too much. Even so, I have been breaking through the shackles of such rituals, not to say that rituals are pedantic, but in too many literary works I have recognized the flashing points behind the soaring and maverick, so I have been trying Find yourself constantly, break through your deep-rooted perspectives and consciousness, and strive to maintain balance.

This kind of "ceremony" makes me feel ashamed when I have feelings that I hate others in the process of getting along. Am I not tolerant enough? Should I give in? Should I try to refute and explain? Maybe these are very small things that don't need to be noticed by others, but for some period of time, it is a part that I need to keep thinking and growing.

Hate that others are in a way to protect themselves. This other person crossed his own behavioral or psychological bottom line to some extent, and the unpleasant emotions naturally grew. If two people who have been together for a long time, if there is such a feeling of dislike, it is probably mutual. You may hate my pedantic silence, and I hate your noise.

You may laugh at me for being backward, but I despise your vanity. In short, there are various forms and reasons for hate, and there is no right or wrong, but to hate this kind of emotion is to some extent be wary of not being such a person, or doing such a thing, and immediately prompt us to this Or this person maintains a firm sense of distance.

I believe most people will feel this way more or less, because before writing, I used a search engine to search for "hate others". In less than 1s, there is a Baidu experience post, which carefully lists several solutions, so the screenshots are encouraged.

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We can't spend the rest of our life with the people we like, bringing ourselves ease, joy, and few people who really understand ourselves. Take the people around you seriously, learn to truly love them, and create more beautiful memories. At the same time, you should also accept yourself with negative emotions and emotions, and learn to get along with people you hate.

The long road of life, the subtle go or stay or get along with each other, in my opinion can not be summarized by simple love and hate, the middle 50 ° gray is more worthy of our chewing and aftertaste. It is just that we sometimes have to choose a position to express, otherwise we ca n’t know what the road is and do n’t know what to do.

May time be good to you.

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