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Go to fitness, niche sportswear brands keep you from hitting your shirt

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Spring and summer with bare arms and legs are coming!

In order for you to exercise beautifully, today I introduce to you 8 unique sportswear brands, some are still niche, and some are already the love of senior fitness people.

Particle fever

The recent rise of Particle fever, which means "particle fever", is the first high-end sports brand in China. Advanced printing, practical and fashionable styles have made them subject to many problems including Lane Crawford when they were founded 6 months ago. Favorite home buyers.

The three founders who love sports use an unconventional experimental attitude to design each piece of sports wear, thoroughly thinking about the question of "how can a sportswear become" from the perspective of craftsmanship and aesthetics, so Particle fever's clothes There are often many ways to wear, not only suitable for sports wear, but usually no problem when wearing the street.

Where to buy: particlefever.tmall.com


The unknown LNDR became popular because it was passed by Gigi Hadid. This brand, which can be used as sportswear and can also be used as flat streetwear, has high technical value and high technical value.

Each piece of sportswear uses knitting technology to make the wearer more comfortable when exercising. LNDR also often develops new fabrics, such as incorporating waterproof and antibacterial materials into woolen jackets, or tight pants that can control temperature, which perfectly interprets "functional aesthetics".

Where to buy: No domestic sale, it is recommended to purchase or transfer companies


Simple and pure sunlight is my first impression of Lol. Founded in 2002, the brand is from Canada and has a long-standing reputation among local yoga enthusiasts with a mission to create a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Lorna Jane

Lorna Jane is one of the most famous brands launched today. It comes from Australia. It integrates seasonal fashion into sportswear. It has a variety of colors and styles and has developed a variety of high-quality fabrics with excellent wearability.

Personally, I think Lorna Jane's solid-color sports bra is very suitable for inside, and then wear a loose top, you can also wear a supermodel!

Where is my brother?

Where to buy: lornajane.tmall.com

Olympia activewear

Compared with other sportswear brands, Australia's Olympia activewear has a little less sense of power, and is replaced by a soft and simple design and very feminine colors, including nude pink, lotus color, etc., rarely seen in colorful prints.

Wide shoulder straps and various straps are the hallmarks of Olympia activewear. Since their clothing fabrics are relatively thin and light, they are more suitable for yoga, body shape and other less intense sports.

Where to buy: net-a-porter.com

Free People Movement

You must have guessed the name. Free People Movement is a sports brand owned by Free People, which continues the main bohemian style.

Where to buy: freepeople.com

Flexi Lexi

Flexi Lexi from Thailand is very cute when it comes to brand names. They focus on a variety of yoga clothes, and their fist products are a variety of colorful yoga pants. Bright color lovers will love it!


Solow is mainly minimalist, with various cutouts and stitching to highlight details in the black and white gray color scheme. Who said the basic models must be tedious?

Where to buy: revolve.com

Exercise is a constant thing to see the effect. I also hope that if you have the conditions, it is best to cultivate yourself to develop a good habit of regular exercise. Maybe there is no obvious effect in January and February, but as long as you are willing to persist, time and sweat It will definitely make you feel better. After all, "Life is movement", isn't it?

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