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How to dehumidify back to Nantian

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Back to Nantian

Wet environment for you

Life and body cause a lot of discomfort

So how to dehumidify back to Nantian?

There are many dehumidifiers in Nantian

The following teaches you how to dehumidify back to Nantian

These methods are the most effective!

How to dehumidify back to Nantian


Sports dehumidification

People with heavy body moisture

Most are greasy in diet

Lack of exercise

These people often feel heavy

Weak limbs and reluctance to move

But the less I love sports

The more moisture accumulates in the body

Over time

Inevitably causes moisture to penetrate the spleen

Cause a series of illnesses

Exercise can relieve stress

Promote the function of body organs

Accelerates moisture release from the body

Running, walking, swimming, yoga, tai chi and other sports

Helps activate Qi and blood circulation

Increase water metabolism


Eat less fruit

The so-called "wet evil thing"

Refers to the food after eating

People produce "inner wetness"

Multiple symptoms

Such as bloating, bitter mouth, poor appetite, heavy limbs, etc.

Many tropical endemic fruits

Such as jackfruit, durian, mango

Are all moisturizers

Humidity in Nantian

Everyone should not eat more

Especially when it is obvious

Discomfort caused by environmental moisture

Seafood such as shrimp and crabs also promote moisture

Do n’t eat at this time

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It ’s better to use carp and catfish

Aquatic alternative with dehumidifying effect

Cantonese love soup and porridge

Recommend everyone to include in the material

Corn, barley, coriander, lentils

This kind of ingredients has dehumidifying effect

You can add it flexibly in the recipe

Bird's Nest Barley Rice and Red Bean Porridge

Material: 50g dry bird's nest, 1-2 cups of water, 500ml rock sugar

How to make boiled rice with 400ml of water

After boiling for another 30 minutes, remove the barley

Barley water (300ml portion) to be cold cut and added to the bird's nest

Put in a saucepan and simmer over water

Water boiling time 25 minutes with the right amount of rock sugar

Hot or cold

利水 健脾 、除湿气 Indica has good water , spleen and dehumidification

The effect of clearing heat and purging

Bird's nest is nourishing yin and nourishing lungs

Beauty care essentials


Intermittent ventilation

Head south or southeast toward Nantianba

Doors and windows (ie upwind) are closed

Only open doors and windows in the downwind direction

To reduce water vapor entering the room

When the weather turns fine

Open all doors and windows

To accelerate water evaporation

Noon at Nantian

The outside air humidity is at its highest value

Should not open the window

Should be in the afternoon or evening

When the climate is relatively dry

Open the window to regulate the indoor air

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