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Chinese Wisdom in Jade Culture

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Jade culture is an important part of Chinese traditional culture. It is a treasure of traditional culture that was born from the fertile soil of the 5,000 years of Chinese civilization. It carries rich religious, moral, political and cultural connotations, and is the treasure of our national culture.

Yin-Yang Thought  

Yin and Yang means that everything in the world contains the unity of opposites, and the two sides of the opposite are unified. Under certain conditions, they can also be transformed to each other. This is also simple dialectics. There is a pattern of yin and yang thought, which is expressed by Taiji, which is an image expression of philosophical pattern. The half-black, half-white Tai Chi diagram shows the unity of opposites in everything.

In the jade culture, the idea of unity of yin and yang is also reflected. The combination of yin and yang of jade can not only express the noble elegance of women, the beauty of tenderness and kindness, but also the tenacity of men and the bold and bold masculinity. The unity of yin and yang of jade is the essence of jade.

Unity of Heaven and Man

Human society and nature are a united body. They are interdependent and coexist in harmony. This idea tells us that everything must conform to Tian Shi, and pay attention to "Harmony in time and place." Only a virtuous ecological cycle such as "people love birds, birds love forests, forests contain water, and people contain water" can maintain a natural ecosystem composed of each inseparable food chain in order to create a harmonious and unified ecological home.

Jade is a dazzling pearl in the history of ancient oriental civilization. It is a witness and practitioner of the thought of the unity of heaven and man. It bears a long and heavy mark on the body. It took jade's craftsmanship to release the dazzling glory, which is also the inheritance of the idea of the unity of heaven and man since ancient times.

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Neutralize the mean

And culture can be said to be the core concept of Chinese culture. It requires different things to come together, be able to coordinate, coexist, and promote each other. The so-called "mediocrity" refers to the need to be impartial, fair and fair when dealing with problems. However, the golden mean is not sloppy or unprincipled. The general requirement is to deal with the problem properly and grasp a degree.

A family, home and everything; prosperity in business must be balanced; politics must be harmonious; politics must be in harmony with one another; with others, peace must be valued.

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