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Tolerance, Tolerance, Tolerance (deep)

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Royal nobleman tribe

01. Rong Yan.

Good words, bad words, harsh words, can hear anything. Listening to opinions and suggestions with an open mind is grace and open-mindedness.

It is kindness, humility, strong but not sharp, and also a manifestation of strength. Rong Yan must have courage, without courage, he can't listen to words; Rong Yan must be patient, without patience, he can't hear the truth.

Rong Yan is not right or wrong, good and bad are not distinguished. Rong Yan must be wise, to distinguish between good and bad words; also have energy, to be able to listen to sweet words, and to be able to speak out. The letter is dark. "Rong Yan can open his mouth and brainstorm.

02. Rongshi.

Easy things, hard things, difficult things, good things, easy-going things, everything can be pretentious and meticulous. Easy things are done seriously, hard things are done hard, hard things are done with care, good things are done in a better direction, and everything is done rationally.

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Conscientious, down-to-earth, and diligently do everything well, do not despise because of its easy, do not give up because of its hardships, do not shrink back because of its difficulties, do not be proud of merit, or because of nothing Overjoyed.

03. Tolerant.

Ordinary people, capable people, and people with merit should all treat each other equally and sincerely. Whether they are ordinary people, capable people, or meritorious people, their mutual abilities are large and small, their positions are high and low, and their merits and demerits are different. Each other's personality is equal.

Wait for it, treat it politely, and treat it with sincerity. This is the norm for people. Those who look at people by appearance are common people; those who take people by clothes are mediocre; those who take people by officials are villains.

Regardless of status, esteem, age, merit, or experience, you can treat people with sincerity and be considerate. Only tolerant can win the hearts of others, only tolerant can be tolerated by others.


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