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The cottage is quiet, the heart is calm

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The cottage is quiet, the heart is calm

体味人生 Feelings with heart

Life can't be as good as you think, but it can't be as bad as you think. I think people's fragility and strength are beyond their imagination. Sometimes I could burst into tears when I was too fragile, and sometimes I found myself walking a long way with my teeth.

You do n’t take the initiative, I do n’t take the initiative, and then our relationship slowly disappears. There is no one who can't live without others, only the one who doesn't cherish others, one turn, two worlds. There is someone who loves you and cares about you in your life, and this is happiness. 10,000 people are not as good as one person, 10,000 people are not as good as one person. Not everyone in the world can tell each other's heart. Passing by are fate, passing by are passengers.

Everyone has a sky above them, each side has unpredictable clouds, and each cloud indicates our destiny. And this cloud is not God, but our own mentality. Everyone and everything is treated with any mentality, and what results will be received, which dominates all subsequent occurrences. Face this world positively, and destiny will smile at you.

If you leave your thinking to the TV series, the connection and the interpersonal circle to the mobile phone, the legs and travel to the car, the health to the supplements and pills, then your life may be fashionable, but It must be wrong; it may be customary, but it will be paid for. Make books, parties, walking, and exercise appear more in life.

Complain others and torture yourself. If you want to do something big, do the little things right now. If you want to be respected enough, learn to bear the burden first. If you feel that the environment you are in is not good, then you must first be able to integrate into it. Mindset is everything, the phase is born from the heart, the situation changes with the heart.

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Many things are not something you can do. Many things are not what you want, you can get them. Many people can stay without you. Don't take everything so seriously. The most afraid of life is to think about everything, but can't grasp everything. The lost scenery, the scattered people, the longing for waiting, all live at the end of fate. Why be so persistent, it should come naturally and can't keep it. Letting go of obsessions is the best life.

When you do things, you can lower your head, how much thought you sink, how much patience you can bear, and decide what you can do. As a person, you can raise your head, how many eyes you can bear, how much pressure you can withstand, and decide who you can be. Bowing down, containing humility and low-key, belongs to the atmosphere; looking up, Zanner forges forward and unyielding, is the backbone. When you drop your head, you will go further; when you head up, you will be most confident when you look up. Looking down, you can't hit the threshold; looking up, you can see the sky.

Happiness is when the passion recedes and the face is aging, it is the hands that do not regret it; it is when the wealth is gone and there is nothing, the one who is with you is still the heart that does not look back; when the disaster comes, the sentient beings are away, warm You still have that uncool feelings. Happiness is very simple. It is to find a warm person to burn this life together. Luxury, wealth, and show-off are only optional packages. As long as you feel happy, everything else does not matter.

Phases are created by heart, and states are created by heart. One thing, if you want to open it is heaven, if you do n’t think about it, it is hell. The true state of mind is not to do nothing and compete with the world, but to treat the ups and downs of life with a light mind, calmly regardless of success or failure. Life is rare. There is a peaceful state of mind, even in the downtown, the same ancient temple in the mountains. The people's thatched house is quiet, the heart is calm and the road is flat.

Yuan Ju Yuan San, like clouds of smoke, life and death, heaven and nature. Think about how many friends you no longer have in your address book silently. It ’s not that you do n’t want to contact, it ’s cruel life, and time and space are changing. You and I have no intersection. It ’s better to miss you than meet you. Life is nothing but a journey. You meet me. I meet you. On the way to practice, I move forward.

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