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Reading these poems is like drawing in line

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Pastoral Music

Hunchun grass is green in autumn, and long pine and summer cold.

The cattle and sheep return to the village lanes, and the children are clueless.

——Relaxed and idyllic life, relaxed, fun, and really comfortable.

Autumn in the Mountain

After fresh rain in the empty mountains, the weather is late for autumn.

Bright moon and pines shine, Qingquan stone is high.

The bamboo hustle returned to the raccoon girl, and the lotus moved under the fishing boat.

Break free to Chun-fang, Sun-self to stay.

——A new rain washed away the empty mountains. The bright moonlight shed clear light from the gaps, and the clear spring water flowed on the rocks, so pure and elegant .

`` I am the One ''

If the bicycle wants to ask the side, it belongs to Guoyan.

Zheng Peng came out of Hansai and returned to Hu Tian.

The desert is lonely and straight, the sun sets over the river.

When Xiao Guan was waiting to ride, he was guarded by Yan Ran.

——The vast desert scene, a majestic and solemn spirit came from it, and it was strong.

"Remembering the Shandong Brothers on September 9"

Alone in a different country is a different guest, every time the holiday season, think twice.

Far away knowing that the brothers had ascended to the height, and one dogwood was everywhere.

——Those in the world who miss your relatives and friends, who sent them, who have you missed?

"Takerikan "

Sitting alone in the cymbals, playing the piano revived Xiaoxiao.

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The people in Shenlin didn't know that they would look at each other tomorrow.

-Sitting alone in a quiet bamboo forest, sometimes playing the piano and sometimes screaming, no one knows, the only round moon and moon are accompanied by each other.


Red beans are born in the southern country, and a few sticks are made in spring.

I hope Junduo picks this thing most.

——Red beans, Acacia, is sentimental and profound. Seriously at this moment, who have you given red beans to?


The relatives in the mountains gave up, and the sun twilight covered the firewood.

Spring grass will be green next year, will Wang Sun return?

——It is difficult to part with friendship, I just hope to meet again in the coming year.

"Sigh White Hair"

The old days, Zhu Yancheng became twilight, with white hair becoming droopy.

A few sad things in life, do not sell to the empty door.

——The years are vicissitudes, the white hair hastily sleepless. How many sad things in life, haunted my heart.

"Jinnan Specialty"

The middle-aged is quite good, and his late family is Nanshan.

Xinglai goes alone, knowing victory.

Walk to the water's poor and sit and watch the clouds rise.

Occasionally Lin Yi, talk and laugh without repayment.

——The world is so anxious and disturbs me. I just want to sit and watch the flowers blooming in front of the court, and smile at the sky and clouds.


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