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简介 I. Introduction

Sid the Science Kid》是Jim Henson公司为PBS儿童频道制作的电视教育系列节目,特点是有实际意义的科学课程,用音乐和幽默来激起儿童天生对于生活中方方面面的好奇心。 " Sid the Science Kid" is a TV education series produced by Jim Henson for the PBS Children's Channel. It features practical science courses and uses music and humor to arouse children's natural curiosity about all aspects of life. .

"The Science Boy West Germany" has beautiful screens, violent music, very dynamic and very popular with children. However, the speed of speech is fast, each episode is long, and a series of scientific exploration stories around scientific phenomena or scientific concepts. The topic is indeed more difficult for children who are just beginning to enlighten or intend to enlighten.

Based on the natural curiosity of the preschool children about the outside world, this film encourages children to think, discuss, and practice like scientists. In order to show that science is actually near you and me, we can master and learn scientific concepts through interaction.

2008年在PBS Kids频道播出,已播出2季共69集,每集25分钟左右,适合3-8岁儿童。 "Scientific Kid West" has been broadcast on the PBS Kids channel since 2008. It has aired a total of 69 episodes in 2 seasons, each episode is about 25 minutes, suitable for children 3-8 years old.


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