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Did you recognize it? The 24 most difficult words in China

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[Interpretation] Dragging shoes

[Example] You walked with your shoes on.

[Pronunciation] ǎn

[Explanation] Use your fingers to press the medicine on the wound

[Example] Quickly put some anti-inflammatory powder on the wound


[Interpretation] White mold growing on the surface such as vinegar or soy sauce.

[Example] The steamed buns are long and ca n’t be eaten

[Pronunciation] kuǎi

[Interpretation] 搔, grab;

[Example] Holding a basket in his hand

[Pronunciation] nié

[Interpretation] tiredness

[Example] The child is a bit sick and may be sick

[Pronunciation] liào

[Interpretation] Horses and other horses jump up and kick backwards with their hind legs.

[Example] Zongzi

[Pronunciation] xíng

[Interpretation] Sugar cubes, pasta, etc. become soft

[Example] Noodle

[Pronunciation] shào

[Interpretation] The raindrops were blown diagonally

[Example] Rain into the house

[Pronunciation] tēng

[Explanation] Steam cooked things

[Example] Eat the buns again

[Pronunciation] táng

[Interpretation] non-condensing, semi-flowing

[Example] Boiled eggs


[Explanation] Slide under your feet

[Example] Kick your feet and fall


[Interpretation] 舀: use a scoop ~ water

[Example] Add another scoop of water



[Interpretation] Overflow, ~ pot, ~ soup

[Example] Quickly turn off the fire.

[Pronunciation] chuāi

[Interpretation] Press and knead with the palm of your hand to make the infused things even.

[Example] Noodle

[Pronunciation] liáo

[Interpretation] Stitching, ~ adhesive, ~ a few stitches.

[Example] The cuff is opened, just a few stitches is fine.

[Pronunciation] dèn

[Explanation] Pull; yank to make straight or flat.

[Example] Straighten the rope and flatten the clothes.

[Pronunciation] cūn

[Interpretation] The skin is chapped due to cold or wind

[Example] It's too cold, it's frozen manually

[Pronunciation] shèn

[Interpretation] It makes people scared and terrible.

[Example] This place is too quiet and too embarrassing.

[Pronunciation] guǒ

[Interpretation] A fried pasta

[Example] Pancake dumplings

[Pronunciation] dáo chì

[Interpretation] Arrange, organize and groom yourself.

[Example] Look at your mess, don't hurry yourself.

[Pronunciation] piǎn

[Interpretation] show, boast

[Example] He started to beat his car again.


[Explanation] Open thumb and middle finger length.

[Example] Two centimeters wide


[Explanation] Vomiting

[Example] Eating too much food


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