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Martial Art Proverbs-Martial Arts

Public number: Wulin Micro Magazine Source: Time: 2020-02-21 01:30:20

Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Bai Yanni

I realized that my strength was strong, and I started at the root, followed by the middle, reached the tip with false and true, tempted the enemy to go one inch long and one inch strong; one inch is short, one inch is constantly dangerous, and the strength is connected forward and backward. Strong, left and right, all sick body like a bow, fist like an arrow shoots people first to gather horses to gather strength, use qi to push force, exhale and force, but not exposed, stretched look like defensive, don't forget Do n’t help, if the cat is dead, the dog flashes, the snake eagle learns to fist, it is easy to change the fist, it is difficult to punch, it is not afraid, it is not afraid to punch. The fist came to dodge, the fist went to track the opponent, and he turned around like a ball, turned away and stopped, and went into the snake like a snake to take away. Step by step, most of the world's invincible shots against the upper body, when the hands and feet are true. Three hands can be said to be wonderful. The elbows, knees, and legs are shocked when the hands and feet are up and down, and the shoulders, elbows, and back are knees. Far away, punches and kicks, while near, grab and hold, then throw your hands away and your elbows. It ’s better to change hands instead of one elbow, three fists, one elbow, three palms, one elbow, three elbow, one finger, and one finger. In the end of the retreat, if you want to have a break-up meeting, you have to feed them with your heart first, and then you will be able to move from your mind to your heart, and you will be the Holy of Kwon Do. The movement is not static. The boxing attack hits the apartment and falls. The hitter starts from the side of the foot and moves sideways. The Tibetan potential bends his knees to the hook slightly. The fist comes with the arm boxing. In order to meet the enemy, it is like burning a fire, forcing you to step into the unobstructed middle door to take the position. Even the immortals can hardly prevent them from taking the lead. They are unable to step on both sides to hit people without revealing them. Power. Come to me, let me go and follow me, and let me go. With static braking, the latter can control each other and fear each other. Fear of being young and strong in battles, fear of sophisticated one-strength, two-strikes, three-in-inches, four-dot eye-sliders, fast-moving hands, like arrows, falling like wind, chasing the wind and trying to relax. Two drugs and three are terrible. If you are empty, you will play Mo and show mercy. Do not do it. Do not show mercy. Do something good, play slowly, play long, play short, hard and soft, and let go of your negligence. Fight, pass the trick to get the way, to the enemy Mo Rongqing, the friend Mo Qingfa is the coach, the eye is the pioneer, the war horse is alive, the swordsman is the eye, the heart is poisonous, as long as you are familiar with the usual skills, You ca n’t beat your hand. You can move quickly, you can't let go of the long-distance strike, but you can't know how to be familiar with it. You can learn from everyone's strengths and weaknesses. The boxing method is not to hit the Yang on the familiar, hit the Yin on the bottom, hit the ribs on both sides, hit the heart in the middle

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