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A good life is not capped.

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李月亮,原文有删节 Author: Liyue Liang, the original abridged

们无法选择。 Where one starts is destined, we cannot choose. The upper limit of life can be continuously expanded through hard work. Your future is not the starting point ...


There were two colleagues A and B who came from the same university and were in the same department. In a unit, this is a fairly close relationship. It is supposed to be a dead party, but they do not. Because A doesn't look at B in his bones.

A is a native of this city. He has a good family background. He has a garage when he graduates from university. B comes from a rural village in another province and lives in a dormitory. He pays a salary every month. The first thing is to remit half of it to his sister who is a college student.

It may be because of different backgrounds, B has a lot of pressure, and works extremely hard. For two years, he is an excellent employee in the unit. A is keen on drinking and playing games. He often doesn't come to work because he has been drinking too much. If he has to work overtime on weekends, he will evade everything.

Generally when partying or taking a taxi, B rushes to pay us, and A's normal state is to sit there and sit still.

Later, B was admitted to graduate school, and A also took advantage of his mother's relationship to go to a better unit. The two resigned together.

At the time, a colleague said privately that he had a different life. B worked so hard on the postgraduate study and did not necessarily enter A's unit after graduation. A had already reached the end of B without much effort.

Our leaders shook their heads and said that they were wrong. From their ability, mentality, and humanity, A is at the top now, but B still has a lot of room for improvement. B's life has a low starting point and a high ceiling.

Sure enough, ten years later, A is still standing in that unit, and B is already an executive of a listed company.


Some people may hold a "starting point theory": they especially like to say, look, who, who is his father, who is his mother, so who does he live now.

Yes, one's starting point is important. If you can take off from a height, the chance of flying high is naturally much greater.

Therefore, the key to a person's future is not the starting point, but whether he has room for improvement-that is, how high his ceiling is. The starting point is the plus, and the upper limit is the determining factor.


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So, what determines a person's upper limit? In fact, there are many aspects, such as IQ, EQ, character, self-motivated, hard work and so on.

People are multi-dimensional, and each of your strengths is an engine that will push you up. And every shortcoming is a burden, which will drag you down. The combined force of these two determines your final height.


我真的很受打击,这社会,农村孩子真是没前途没出路,努力有什么用呢,人家随便一个借口就把你打发了。” A few days ago, a reader left a message to me, TA said, "Do you believe that hard work can be successful? I used to believe it, but now I don't believe it. I have been a chef in a hotel for three years, and I have been working very hard. I slept late at dinner, and this time the chef resigned. I thought I would let me do it, but yesterday the manager said that he would have someone who was only two months old to be the chef (he is a relative of the general manager) and said that I had no education I ca n’t do it, I ca n’t do it. I ’m really hit. In this society, rural children really have no future and no way out. What's the use of hard work? They just pass you on with an excuse. ”

I said, actually, it is not that the rural children have no way out, but we may have to work harder to find that way. You start from the bottom of the mountain, and the relative of the general manager starts from the mountainside. Today you may not be able to fight him, but if you continue to work hard, the situation will be different after five or eight years.

You work hard at cooking, every dish is better than others, and your future is brighter than others.

Your education is not high and you can't manage. This may indeed be your shortcoming. Then, read more books and learn management experience and life skills from others. Your future will be brighter.

When you try to make up for the short board that drags you down, and try to stretch the long board that pushes you, your future is broad.

I don't believe that hard work will succeed, but I believe hard work will be useful. Its use is to: expand the upper limit of your life, so that your future has more room to rise, there are more and better possibilities.

A low starting point is a natural weakness, but complaining has no meaning. It is better to think about where you are rising and how to make it stronger while you are young, and then think about your shortcomings, how to get rid of it, not be It dragged.

This world has inherent inequality, but for most people, it's your ability and effort that determines whether you fly high or high, not that initial starting point.

Some people reach the peak of their lives at the age of sixteen, while others are progressing methodically at the age of sixty.

A good life is not capped.

李月亮原题:决定你前途的,不是起点 Author: Liyue Liang original title: determine your future, not the starting point

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