hg88001.com He ran through 600 villages in 7 years, and spent 13 months just to build 3 houses, which brought the 400-year-old Stone Village back to life

He ran through 600 villages in 7 years, and spent 13 months just to build 3 houses, which brought the 400-year-old Stone Village back to life

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His name was Li Qian, who studied fine arts and was born in Shanghai, but called himself a new villager.

In the 1980s, he earned tens of thousands of yuan each month by drawing animation, and later became the first generation marketing manager of Vanke. Until 2008, he entered the tourism industry and founded the Jiulu Consulting Agency.

In 7 years, he visited nearly 600 villages in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Xi'an, Chongqing and Fujian.

The preference for the countryside not only lingers in the village's original ecological lifestyle, but also deals with the villagers. As soon as they see their smiles, they will feel how good it is to have such a neighbor.

Over the years, Li Qian has always maintained the habit of picking up a stone to return to every village.

It is said that stones are spiritual. When he met Stone Village, he knew that his wish in these years would soon take root.

Shitou Village was formerly known as Xijingyu, a 400-year-old small mountain village. Walking villages are full of gravel walls, gravel roads, and farmhouses' stone houses, stone mills, and stone mills ... so everyone simply Call it Stone Village.

Here, he transformed the traditional farmhouse in Shitou Village into the first courtyard of the original Jingjing Holiday Mountain Home.

In order to build this three-room courtyard, Li Qian and his team began preparations in May 2015, construction began in August, and it was completed in September 2016, which took 13 months.

During the whole process, he hoped that not only the homestay, but also how to bring the concept of environmental protection recycling to the villagers, how to convert sewage into reclaimed water, can irrigate the land, can raise fish ...

Li Qian named this small courtyard "stone room", which means that the stone was taken in situ. It is built in a traditional way, and strives to use the most original buildings to wrap up the life in the original village.

The house grows on the mountain, and every tree in it should retain its original appearance, including the bubble pool on the hillside of the back mountain. It has been carefully designed to integrate with the entire natural environment.

The three rooms of the Shijianyuan have retained the original construction method of the northern village and the core of the northern village.

Guest room "Distant Mountain"

The standard three rooms each have their own characteristics, one room can see the distant mountains, one room can see the Wasson on the roof, and one room can see the sunset under the setting sun.

So they gave them names: Yuan Shan, Ru Song, Guo Yun.

The washroom in the guest room "over the clouds", the original sense of the old room beam, coupled with the pure white modern space.

"Into the Pines" Room

A corner of the "far mountain" room

Here, in addition to making people comfortable, they also specially modified a yard to serve as a rural food court.

The so-called rural food is a self-sufficient green product in the village. Open a garden in the yard to grow vegetables commonly used in several restaurants.

Use authentic organic ingredients to keep the authentic Ichigo flavor. In this way, we accompany each guest and have a happy meal time.

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There are many fun things to do in the hometown: "Donkey Milling", "Do-it-yourself Pastry", "Knowing Wild Vegetables and Digging Wild Vegetables" and other rural experience parenting activities.

Picking vegetables by myself in the morning, and raising sheep with the villagers in the afternoon ... all kinds of fun that you can't experience in the city, making it the longest joyous place for children to stop.

Eat and drink, and a lot of good times. There is also a country cafe that is best for killing time-Shimo Bookstore.

This space belongs to both urban people and local villagers who seek quality. They can also come here to drink coffee and listen to folk songs.

Passing time on beautiful things is the origin of Shimo Bookstore.

Grinding everyday life into a delicate work of art, the years go by, and I feel at ease. The quiet aroma of books, the aroma of coffee,

Flooded in a bookstore in the countryside.

Make a cup of coffee, pick a book, three or five friends, and the sun will be an afternoon.

Shen Ling and Cao Yunjin also came to visit their hometown

Here, every morning, I wake up with birdsongs and smoke.

As night falls, the village will stage an open-air movie and art fair, waiting for you to walk into our hometown with us.

In the golden autumn season, we hold a celebratory feast with the folks, drinking and eating meat together, lively and rustic celebration.

In winter, the branches are covered with icy slippers, frozen persimmons are buried in the snow, and a few bites of warm boiled corn are taken together, looking forward to the coming spring.

The transformation here continues.

Although it is not as beautiful as the small town in the south of the Yangtze River, it has unique open-ended beauty of the inner defense village. Li Qian and his team carefully preserved this beauty.

Rough and delicate, the stones are cold but warm to return home.

Township, sowing a pair of seeds, let it take root.

Not forgetting our original intention, we will eventually return to life, the most innocent hometown.

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