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I have a child's heart, I will not compromise until I grow old.

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

The Phoenix Passing Through

Cool you must know how to follow the mysterious me

- o x i c S p a r k - T o x i c S p a r k-

Even if the sky is not wide enough, the blue ocean is not wide enough

Maldives is too far away

Just kiss your face

Beidaihe is also a paradise


"Today's Song"

GALA-Song of Beidaihe

GALA's songs make people feel like "forever young, tears forever", just like the songs they never sing. Most songs are cheerful and bright, like running barefoot at the seaside, or driving at high speed without worries driving a jeep and rolling down the window. But some will make you cry without knowing it. Ah really don't know if it was because of his low tears or if he had done so. Maybe our little hearts have been cheerfully sad.





>>>>    1 .

I was startled by my tears. When I drove the music to "Song of Beidaihe" while driving, I started to choke for some reason, and then couldn't stop tears.

Why did I cry when listening to such a cheerful song as "Song of Beidaihe"? 很久没有明白过自己想要什么了。 After thinking about it for a long time, I have n’t listened to my favorite song for a long time, I have n’t heard a live for a long time , I have n’t understood what I want for a long time.

>>>>    . 2 .

Recently, I have been reviewing myself repeatedly, reviewing my values and outlook on life.

In school, people's minds are simple, and the relationship between people is simple. It is easy to be the person you want to do, do what you want to do, and know what you want.But when you walk into a complex society, can you keep your original thoughts in the face of complicated people and complex things, be the person you want to do, do the things you want to do, and keep a heart of a child ?

When you face these, how can you not be assimilated, change the secular world, change the vanity, change the indifference, and not become the adult you hate?

>>>>    . 3 .

So why are you crying,

Because i feel it

The heart of a child I once lost,

A heart that does not compromise until it grows old.

Maybe this is why Feifei can be so popular in Qihua said. It is the most moving thing that you can keep a red heart after everything in this world.

>>>>    . 4 .

怕天不够蓝海不够宽马尔代夫太遥远 Even if the sky is not enough, the blue ocean is not wide enough, the Maldives is too far away

Just kiss your face, Beidaihe is a paradise

The sun is shining here, people are friendly, we are never alone

There is a boat in my heart with a lifebuoy on the belly

>>>>    . 5 .

I hope everyone can be who they want to be

Uncompromising until old age


Moore Manor Fire Float




Maybe a good idea.

If you are like my friend Ato,

Have ideas to record or things to share, but nowhere

Maybe choose to send to the planet.

The planet will keep your text intact,

Identify the author and share it with everyone.

Of course, you can also be a mystery of the planet,

Choose to share anonymously.

Whether you are graduating to study, going abroad or working

Still you going to school

Or you who have been working for a while

Hope you can achieve your dream

"This is my afternoon tea for you,

Only canned peaches and cookies.

Cookies are my crunchy and delicious compliments,

I can't miss the jar head.

Please enjoy it slowly. "

o T o i c S p a r k x i c S p a r k



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