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What is the tide?

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

A Song of Love

A Guanyu fan once told the editor

"The real tide is an attitude that doesn't care how expensive your clothes are and buy as many sneakers as you want."

What kind of attitude is the tide?

Some people say they are purely expressing themselves, not blindly following the trend

Maverick, different, stick to his own style

Some people say they are purely wearing their favorite clothes

Understand what style, style and color are suitable for you

I want to talk today

In your eyes, what kind of attitude is tide?

# 潮 人 都 爱 黑 + 白? #

When the trend god Chen Guanxi was asked what a trend is, he replied: "I don't know"; the male god Eugene Tong, whose clothing style was imitated by everyone, always insisted that "people wear clothes instead of clothes."

Ask the same question

一句广告词来回答 I'll answer with a slogan I saw recently

Black or white

Isn't "black or white" the same as the clothes, shoes and hats we often wear?

Everyone likes black and white modeling and bought a lot of black and white items

all black, white tee, black rotten cow, white shoes, black and white mix

Looking through your closet, you will know how deep the black and white single product is.

In addition to black and white clothing accessories and shoes

Xiao Bian's "not black is white" is still an attitude towards the trend

There is no gray area, there is no similarity, no will, decisive, pure to the end

We all know that the world is not black and white

Many times we have to hide our true selves, we cannot "be ourselves"

But when the opportunity comes, at least when it comes to dressing up

We can purely show what we desire to show

#Trend attitude can be expressed like this #

This "black and white" attitude was also written into the song by the hip-hop rapper singer Little Tiger

If you have heard the little tiger's song, you will be conquered by his outstanding talent.

▲ He is as cool as his works ~

How do young hipsters express their current attitude?

See how the little tiger interprets with his distinctive rap skills

There are little tigers dancing handsomely with sexy dancers

🔞 剧情,别怪我没提醒你 Staged a cricket plot of "Heroes Rescue" , don't blame me for not reminding you

Not much to say, go watch the MV yourself

#Without Wi-Fi, I have to watch this MV #

Hey, after watching the cool MV

Did the little tiger sing the lyrics impress you?

Did you find that, in fact, every lyrics is a trend declaration

psp Akihabara journey finished

Either home or wave

Either a lifetime or a stranger

Either forever or never

Either restraint or wanton

Either outstanding or out

Either as cold as Antarctic, or forcing Huskies


And these trend declarations are made by a brand that we are familiar with


As a kid, Liangliang did n’t know anything about Europe, America, Japan, and South Korea.

The most enviable is the Metersbonwe coat on the same table

”吗? hey, do you remember the phrase " unusual way "?

In junior high school, both boys and girls loved Jay Chou crazy

Walked to the entrance of Metersbonwe store and watched the poster of Zhou Dong posted in the store reluctant to leave

# These black and white items are really amazing to me #

Have you got the trend attitude of "black or white"?

Don't forget that you can still put your attitude on you

But how to wear ordinary black and white to make it shine?

As an irresponsible trend editor without professional training

可以帮到你 I have 2 ways to help you

How about wearing a style in black and white!

Xiao Bian knows that there are many obstacles and obstacles in finding the right style for you.

Some bad taste items jump out at any time and "thump" to eat you

Try to combine your favorite style with black and white color items

/经典的黑白是摇滚明星的首选,在秋冬季节里搭配牛仔裤酷感十足。 Rock style / classic black and white is the first choice for rock stars, and it is cool to pair with jeans in autumn and winter.

/至于女生可以用拉链卫衣搭配长tee,当然少不了一顶吸睛的帽子和金属饰品。 Street style / As for girls, you can use a zipper sweater with long tee, of course, an eye-catching hat and metal accessories.

/小编给女生挑选的另一件是帅气的迷彩短款外套,谁说女生一定要穿蕾丝和碎花? Another style chosen by the military style / Xiaobian for girls is the handsome camouflage short coat. Who said that girls must wear lace and floral?

Light black and white are too boring, add some popular elements!

The black and white shape of the street is different.

Add special printing elements to eliminate other boring and boring items

Cool alphabet print

Simple geometric print

Mysterious photo print

I asked you a question at the beginning

In your eyes, what kind of attitude is tide?

Think about it, now you can still use the unique "or body"

"either ... or……"

Make a sentence to express your trendy attitude ~

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